2009 Apple iPods--photos

Apple releases a cadre of new iPods, including updates to the Shuffle, Nano, Classic, and Touch. See them all up close here.

Jasmine France
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The new Apple iPod Shuffle, an update to the third-generation player, retains the same hardware and features, but adds three more color options: blue, pink, and green.
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The player is still the tiniest one on the market, so if you're prone to misplacing things, it's probably not the best option. Also, there's still no physical controls on the Shuffle--something to keep in mind.
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Apple now offers the Shuffle in two capacities. You can pick up the 2GB for $59 or the 4GB for $79.
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There's also a Special Edition iPod Shuffle that is encased entirely in stainless steel. This model, which is available only from the Apple Store, comes in 4GB with a price of $99.
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Despite rumors that suggested Apple would kill off the iPod Classic, this iconic MP3 player is still holding on strong. It's now thinner than before and continues to be available in silver and black versions.
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Apple kept the price of the Classic at $249 but pushed the capacity back up to 160GB--something that file-hoarders will no doubt be pleased to hear.
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This iPod is still the heftiest of the bunch (and the only one to use hard drive-based storage) despite being thinner than before.
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Surprisingly, the iPod Nano is the device to get the most extensive updates from Apple, not the least of which is a built-in camera with an integrated mic and the capability to take both still and video shots.
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Other than the camera, the design of the Nano has not changed. It still comes in a rainbow of colors and is ultrathin. Also, pricing hasn't changed much: $149 for 8GB or $179 for 16GB.
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Perhaps the most exciting thing is that Apple finally broke down and added an FM radio to an iPod. This, combined with the integrated pedometer make the iPod Nano a top contender in the realm of fitness-friendly MP3 players. Definitely a smart move on Apple's part.
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The iPod Touch has changed very little in terms of design. It's supposed to be 50 percent faster, which indicates that Apple has upgraded the processor, but everything else is pretty much the same.
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Now more than ever, Apple is touting the iPod Touch as a gaming device, stating affordability of the games (apps) as the thing that could edge the player ahead of devices such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

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