The 20 craziest places on Airbnb

Igloos, yurts, caves and even coffins -- they're all available for rent, if you have the cash.

Joal Ryan
1 of 20 Antti/Airbnb

Airbnbs you've got to see to believe

Sometimes you just want a room to rest and charge your phone; sometimes you want an experience.

Here are 20 Airbnb rentals that qualify as the latter. Prices listed are current at the time of publishing.

Exhibit A: "Snow Igloo."

As billed, it's a real live ice-cold igloo located at Finland's Lucky Ranch, and it can be yours for about $88 a night. A double bed boasts two sleeping bags that former guests swear keep you toasty warm. (Not satisfied? The hosts promises a "warm apartment" is available 24/7.)

2 of 20 Jeff/Airbnb

Smallest house in the world

This house may be small, but, hey, it has wheels! "[O]ne reasonably fit person can roll it anywhere," the listing says. Dimensions aren't noted, but it's said to fit in the bed of a van, and patrons are warned that spending the night in a green box is "not for regular people."

At $55 a night for the Boston area, however, it sure is priced for regular people.

3 of 20 Shayne/Airbnb

'Glamorous home w/ Tesla included'

This four-bedroom, 4,200-square-foot abode in Missouri City, Texas, has just about everything: a $6,500-a-night tab, four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a margarita machine, two telescopes, a trampoline and, yes, a Tesla Model S that you can use (for an additional fee).

4 of 20 Cindi and Derrick/Airbnb

'Airplane house!'

This "tiny house" in Phoenix, Arizona, is built around a 1964 Piper PA-28 Cherokee airplane, because, well, why not? The space holds one bed and will fit "your stuff." But watch out: "The overall head space is very short and may not be suitable for tall people!"

5 of 20 Jan/Airbnb

'Crypt hotel room -- built in an actual crypt!'

Father Thomas Wallace liked this space on the grounds of the former St. Patrick's Church in Lewiston, Maine, so much that he -- or, rather his remains -- stayed here for more than 100 years. Is it asking so much for you to give the Hotel Crypt a shot for a night? There's an LCD TV and, natch, "a coffin bed."

6 of 20 Milena/Airbnb

'Experience staying in a spaceship on Mars'

OK, so, technically, you'll be in village of Wadi Rum in Jordan, not on our solar system's fourth planet, but you may feel as if you've been transported when you take up residence in this colony of "bubble rooms," and experience the desert vistas, starry nights and red rocks.

7 of 20 Joshua/Airbnb

'Geo dome on farm upstate Catskills'

If you're going to do the Catskills, you might as well do the Catskills in a geodesic dome. This one comes with one bed, but the space can accommodate up to 16 outdoorsy people, most of whom should be informed of the dome's "BYOBed" policy ("bring your own bed").

8 of 20 Michelle/Airbnb

The Seashell House

Will you put your ear to this house on Mexico's Isla Mujeres, and try to hear the ocean? Casa Caracol, a unique-looking, cliffside, two-bedroom "island paradise," doesn't skimp on its theme: It looks as seashell-y on the inside as on the outside.

9 of 20 Ivy/Airbnb

'Cozy mud hut'

If you're going to stay in a mud hut, then a cozy one is definitely the way to go. This one in Portland, Oregon, is located in the backyard of a private residence. It has heat (wood) and light (candles). If you need more beer, then you may be in luck: The hosts brew their own.

10 of 20 Vicki/Airbnb

'Giraffe view zebra safari tent'

Bird-watching is for the birds. At this two-bedroom space with private deck, located on a South African campground, you can "view game from the elevated pool as you cool off." Former guests report spotting giraffes, zebras and springboks.

11 of 20 Kevin/Airbnb

'Blue Mountain Heaven'

While humbly described as a "place...[that] is good for couples," this eight-bedroom house in the Canadian tourist and ski town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario, features, per the pictures, an indoor pool and what appears to be a concert stage. The nightly rate tops $5,000.

12 of 20 Kendall/Airbnb

'The bed in a cave'

In the Chinese province of Shaanxi, you can spend the night in this 300-year-old, man-made cave. There are three beds, one for each cave bedroom. There's also a lovely connecting courtyard, which presumably provides welcome contrast to all the, well, caves.

Malibu yurt
13 of 20 Bibi/Airbnb

Malibu yurt retreat on an organic farm

Mongolian nomads probably couldn't dream of a yurt like this "luxury" Southern California yurt that comes with Wi-Fi, fresh-brewed morning coffee and all-organic home-cooked meals from the host's certified-organic farm.

14 of 20 Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging by Ea/Airbnb

Kiva 429

The craziest thing about this "two-bedroom plus loft" in Colorado is the price: $10,000 a night. For your investment, you get ski-in, ski-out access to the swanky slopes of Beaver Creek Resort.

15 of 20 Kristapher/Airbnb

'Ultimate tipi experience plus four tickets'

This Canadian listing isn't just unique, it's specifically geared for folks planning to attend the Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival, held annually in Rock Creek, British Columbia, since 2013. The host promises a sextet of furnished teepees (or, "tipis" as the listing prefers) and four tickets to the fest.

16 of 20 Sean/Airbnb

Wilton Castle

Yes, this is a castle -- a seven-bedroom, 19th-century Irish castle located on the banks of the Boro River, and available for about $1,100 a night. Sorry, no Wi-Fi. Or moat.

17 of 20 Constantin/Airbnb

OutpostCo. glamping

This "nature lodge" in Ontario, Canada, offers, per the listing and pictures, wilderness and white tablecloths for $3,800-plus a night: "[Y]ou will be completely unplugged and totally pampered."

18 of 20 Rani/Airbnb

'Malibu dream' Airstream

Want to know what's cooler than an Airstream trailer? An Airstream trailer that's been parked in a picturesque Southern California coastal town, and re-imagined and redesigned as a glass-paneled studio with a deck.

19 of 20 Linda/Airbnb

Off-grid house

Located in a Southern California desert town founded in part by movie cowboys Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, this "lovely, minimal" green home, billed as the "Off-grid itHouse," and located about a 30-minute drive from Joshua Tree National Park, is "100 percent off-grid, powered by solar panels for energy and hot water."

20 of 20 Stephanie and Jay/Airbnb

Joshua Tree homesteader cabin

"On the grid but off the pavement" is how the hosts describe this renovated 1955 cabin located 15 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park and ensconced in five acres of its own desert. But it's not so far out of the way that the New York Times couldn't find it and rhapsodize about it.

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