18 super-cool tailgating gadgets

From smart coolers to drinking jackets, everything you need to win the tailgate.

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1 of 18 Coolest.com

Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler includes nearly everything you need for the perfect tailgate. At $399.99, it comes equipped with a high-performance blender, a Bluetooth speaker, USB charger, LED light, cutting board and a wine and bottle opener.

2 of 18 SpinChill


Nothing kills the buzz of a tailgate like lukewarm beer. Luckily, SpinChill has a solution to cool a beer in only one minute. The portable drink chiller, $24.99, uses convection rather than conduction to chill the beer while spinning. And, don't worry: When the can is opened, there are no explosions.

3 of 18 thedrinkingjacket.com

The Drinking Jacket

Let's be honest: Drinking is an integral part of most tailgates. The Drinking Jacket, available for $79, makes it easier than ever to be a lush. The jacket contains a bottle opener zipper, foldable drinking mitts, flask pocket and slip-resistant drink grips, among other things.

4 of 18 Thermacell

Heated insoles

If you're attending a game with freezing temperatures, there might not be an accessory more necessary than heated insoles from ThermaCell. These insoles, which sell for $95.27 on Amazon, last for up to five hours. That should be enough to get you through at least the tailgate.

5 of 18 Oxx

Oxx Coffeebox

Maybe you need some energy. Maybe you need to sober up. Either way, the 11-pound Oxx Coffeebox is a single-cup brewing system. It's essential for any coffee-loving sports fan. At $229.99, the Coffeebox is rust- and spill-proof.

6 of 18 Eton Corp

Soulra XL

In its simplest form, tailgating is just a huge party. And parties need good music, right? This sound system from Eton includes an enhanced monocrystal solar panel that lasts eight hours. It can be yours for $129.99.

7 of 18 iGrill

iGrill bluetooth thermometer

One of the few ways to ruin a tailgate is with bad food. The iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer, priced at $109.95, helps avoid that by using four-probe capability to track temperatures of multiple pieces of meat. The bluetooth has a range of 150 feet and it's compatible with iOS and most Android devices.

8 of 18 GoPlate

Go Plate

Tired of using both hands to hold your food and beer? The Go Plate makes laziness even easier. The reusable Go Plate fits over your beverage so you can eat and mingle. It's available in packs of 10 for $9.99.

(How do you sip a beer with a full plate hanging on it? Yeah, we thought of that too. Lift up the plate before you sip, or you'll be in for quite a spill.)

9 of 18 Corkcicle

Corkcicle Artican

Corkcicle's Artican makes koozies almost obsolete. The Artican slides right onto a 12-ounce drink, and it will keep your beverage ice-cold for up to three hours. It's available for $19.95 on Corkcicle.

10 of 18 Tank Utility

Tank Utility

Don't let the tailgate end before it even starts. The Tank Utility app, available for $189, monitors your grill's propane levels so you'll know that your tank is empty before it's too late.

11 of 18 Picnic Time

All-In-One Tailgaiting Cooler/BBQ Set with Trolley

This all-in-one tailgating set comes fully equipped with a propane BBQ, insulated cooler and a polyester tote bag. For $153.99, the set also comes with a trolley that makes it even easier to carry to your local sporting event.

12 of 18 William Sonoma

Outdoor Pizza Oven

You can grill some of your favorite meats before the big game, sure, but if you're looking to throw a curveball for your tailgate, then try the Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven. Available for $299.95 from Williams Sonoma, this portable outdoor-only pizza oven can bake a pizza in just five minutes flat.

13 of 18 Picnic Time

Portable travel couch

It's true: Nobody really wants to stand for hours on end at a tailgate, and portable chairs can be incredibly uncomfortable. For those wanting a more supportive sitting experience, there's Picnic Time's portable travel couch for $91.76 on Amazon.

The couch for two comes with a steel frame, polyester exterior and pockets for cell phones, and folds into a portable case with a shoulder strap.

14 of 18 Party King Grills

Varsity Grill Package

The Varsity Grill Package can not only be used as a tabletop grill, it can also be attached to a truck's hitch. The $642 portable grill can reach temperatures as high as 700 degrees and includes foldable shelves.

15 of 18 Kings Pond

Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

A grill isn't the only tailgate gadget you'll want to connect to your truck's hitch. The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand, sold for $199.99, attaches two comfy hammocks to the back of a truck. The chairs are able to hold up to 500 pounds.

16 of 18 Wonderbag


Instead of grilling your chicken and steak, try using the Wonderbag--a portable, non-electric slow cooker--for your tailgate. The slow cooker, available for $66.06 at Amazon, uses insulation to allow food that has been brought to a boil to continue cooking. And it even comes with a cookbook.

17 of 18 Lunatec


This is so much more than just a water bottle. The Aquabot from Lunatec is ideal for hydrating before the big game. It also has shower, stream and mist patterns that can spray farther than 25 feet, which is perfect for cleaning or cooling off.

18 of 18 Instagate


The $29.99 Instagate is your go-to tailgate in a box. Accommodating up to eight people, this tailgate companion includes a portable grill, a three-piece BBQ set, charcoal, plates, cups, knives and a bottle opener.

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