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15 gadgets to make you a baby shower hero

The gizmos that make parenting easier, all gathered in one place.

David Priest
David Priest is an award-winning writer and editor who formerly covered home security for CNET.
David Priest
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Whether you're having a baby or just going to a baby shower, finding the right device can be a big stress-reliever during early parenthood. Here are all the gadgets on the market worth considering.

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Fisher-Price Smart Connect Mobile

Fisher-Price went creative with its $70 Projection Mobile. Not only can you control the spinning animals with an app, but you can also play music and project images onto the ceiling with this flexible gadget.

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Owlet, a $250 wearable baby monitor, uses pulse oximetry -- a technology common in hospitals -- to measure blood-oxygen levels for children. If those levels are lowering for any reason, Owlet will send parents an alert on the phone and an audible alarm via the hub.

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While Owlet uses pulse oximetry to monitor babies, $170 competitor Monbaby uses motion detection. With that simple mechanism, Monbaby effectively tracks a child's breathing and orientation and sends parents a push alert if the baby rolls onto their belly or stops breathing.

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Like the idea of Monbaby, but not the price? Snuza tracks baby's breathing using a similar mechanism, and it only costs $120. While it won't tell you if your baby rolls over, and it isn't connected to an app, Snuza effectively tracks breathing, stimulates the child if that breathing halts and sets off a loud alarm in case of emergencies.

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4moms MamaRoo

The $270 4moms MamaRoo isn't for everyone. But some kids need to be rocked to sleep more than others, and the MamaRoo can help out in those cases. It's designed to rock at speeds and patterns that imitate parents, which helps soothe even the most fussy children.

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Fisher-Price Smart Connect Sleeper

The Fisher-Price Sleeper is a $100 gadget with an indispensable function. It self-rocks, vibrates and plays music. In early infancy, finding a gadget that will keep your baby comfortable is key -- and this is one of the best ones out there.

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Fisher-Price Smart Connect Cradle 'n Swing

For big spenders, the $200 Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing is a solid option. While it could benefit from more features, the basic hands-free swing function is one of the best out there. Plus, you can detach the cradle and use it as a standalone rocker.

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Hatch Baby Changing Pad

The $250 Hatch Baby can make tracking babies' weight gains, eating habits and waste patterns a lot more fun. For children who are premature or have other known health concerns, Hatch Baby can help keep track of their development over time.

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Withings Smart Kid Scale

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is a great gadget to help parents watch their child grow without having to wait months between each pediatric visit. The price is a little high at $180, but the scale has a removable cradle, so children can use it for longer.

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iBaby Air

While air ionizers are typically half the price of the $150 iBaby Air, this product sweetens the deal with extra goodies. It includes a speaker for music and two-way audio. Plus, it has a cool full-RGB color changing nightlight ring.

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iBaby Monitor M6S

The iBaby Monitor M6S is one of the best video baby monitors on the market. At $230, it's a little pricey. But for parents who want to check in on the kiddo while away from home or take advantage of the recorded stories and songs, the iBaby Monitor is a great pick.

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Samsung Video Baby Monitor

Samsung's non-app-connected video baby monitor is also a feature-rich competitor to the iBaby Monitor M6S. Although Samsung's $230 price is the same as iBaby's, its approach is very different. Instead of monitoring via an app, you use Samsung's touchscreen base station monitor. You can't take it out of the house with you, but it makes monitoring a kid in the other room much more convenient.

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While iBaby and Samsung are two of the best monitors out there, check out our full guide to buying them here.

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VersaMe Starling

Starling, a $200 gizmo that tracks the number of words you use around your child, has a great concept. Language development depends heavily on how much parents talk to their kids, and those one-way conversations can often get old. But Starling lets parents track those conversations, and encourages them to keep talking.

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Kinsa Ear Thermometer

A $70 ear thermometer isn't a bad deal. Add in Kinsa's smarts, and you have one of the best baby gadgets around. Not only does it get temperature readings at a breakneck speed, but it also lets you track your child's health on an app and gives general recommendations in some circumstances.

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4moms Infant Tub

The 4moms Infant Tub is one of the best investments for new parents. Bath time can be tough, but this simple gadget helps keep one of the main challenges -- maintaining the right water temperature -- under control. For only $50, it's a great deal.

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No gadget will make parenting easy, but plenty can make it easier. If you're having a child or just going to a baby shower, consider picking up one of these gadgets.

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