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​Open your beer, in spectacular ways

Place the edge of the cap on the edge of a counter or table, holding the bottle at an angle. Hit the center of the bottle with the hand that isn't holding the bottle. The top will pop right off. Here are 9 more genius ways to open a beer bottle.

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​Keep your home cooler, for less

If you have your thermostat on the wrong wall, you could be spending too much on air conditioning. Here's how to find out if your thermostat is in the ideal location.

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​More home cooling tips

There are other, cheaper ways of cooling the house. For instance, close the blinds during the hottest part of the day to prevent the sun from heating up your rooms. Take a look at these six rules to save money on air conditioning this summer.

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Make cute candles out of corks

If you like a little wine with your summer, then try this party trick out. Save your wine corks and turn the them into party candles with these easy instructions.

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​Keep your flowers fresh

Cut flowers are a decorating staple during the hot months of summer. You can keep arrangements fresher by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt to the water. For more baking soda tips take a look at 10 things you can do with baking soda.

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​Beat bugs outdoors

If mosquitoes think of you as an all-you-can-eat buffet, take a B1 supplement before you go outside. For some reason, B1 is like kryptonite to the little blood suckers. I tried this trick in Texas and I didn't get one bite.

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​Keep bugs out of your home, too

It seems like some type of bug always seems to make its way inside during the summer, be it ants, fruit flies or mosquitos. Here are some tips for keeping bugs for invading your indoor space.

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​Get your chillax on

If you have dreams of being as lazy as possible this summer (who doesn't?), then you may want to turn your old tablet into a universal smart home remote. Now you'll only need to get off the couch to make a sandwich.

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​Make your room smell great

Have a smelly bedroom? Turn on a fan and hold a dryer sheet behind it. The sheet will cling to the grate on the back of the fan, air will flow through the sheet and make the room smell fantastic. For more, see 10 unexpected ways to use dryer sheets.

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​Skip the oven

Turing on the oven can heat your house up. Instead of using your oven, think smaller. Waffle irons can make a bunch of different foods in minutes. Read 15 things you can cook in your waffle maker to get started on your trip to waffling greatness.

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