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Drone vs. roo

The only thing more fun than a drone-borne camera is a drone-borne camera getting attacked by an animal.

This eastern gray kangaroo was just hopping along one day when a drone was sent to observe Australia's Hunter Valley. When the camera-mounted flyer got too close, the roo decided to engage in its patented two-paw attack. The drone was sent flying in the wrong direction...down.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Press Association
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Ram on

This black ram put his horns to use when a noisy FPV drone ruined its chi. The drone's owner was also chased away.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Angry Ram
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Going ape

The stock phrase took on a whole new meaning when the drone behind this image met its match: a chimp with low tolerance for flying objects.

The drone, which was carrying a GoPro at a Dutch zoo, was continuously attacked, and eventually defeated by a chimp with a stick.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Burgers' Zoo
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Hawk attack

This majestic creature of the sky didn't take too kindly to a perceived rival. The white hawk took down a flying quadcopter/camera setup in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Tastes like chicken?

This hungry Florida gator tried to leap toward a drone flying above a Naples swamp, but alas, he'd had too many donuts. Or fish. Or other gators. We'd rather not think about that too hard. Point is: The drone got away...this time.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Southwest Florida Television
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Leaping leopard!

We bet this drone wished it never challenged one of the fastest and fiercest animals of the jungle. Somehow, the drone got away...

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Big Cats
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If growls could kill

Check out this German shepherd angrily attacking an innocent drone that was just, you know, stone-cold chilling on the back of a truck.

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A DJ Phantom Vision II drone was casually perusing a golf course when things got ugly. The resulting sophisticated movie, set to classical music, goes sour around minute 2:12, when a pair of geese brings the drone down.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Dynamic Filmz
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We'll kick your bee-hind

This swarm of bees went after a quadcopter drone when it got too close for comfort.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Daveys FPV Adventures
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Shark attack

If every week is Shark Week in your house, check out this footage of a drone courting shark-induced martyrdom off the coast of Portugal. Check out the awesome close-up of the culprit at the end.

Published:Caption:Photo:YouTube/Barcroft TV
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