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CNET expands into personal finance advice for a changing world

The world needs clear, smart, future-facing personal finance advice more than ever. CNET's here to help.

- 01:29

There are certain truisms in personal finance: Buy low, sell high. Save early and often. Stay in the markets for the long haul. But no one alive today has any personal experience with navigating the kinds of money decisions and situations that the coronavirus pandemic is forcing on all of us. 

Whether you've lost your job due to shutdowns or you're trying to wrap your head around changes to the value of your home or your investments, you need friendly and well-researched advice on how to keep your financial footing -- even if finances weren't your strong suit in the first place. That's why we're expanding CNET's coverage to include smart, trustworthy and relatable advice on the steps and products you need to master your own finances, whether you're deciding on tax software for a delayed Tax Day or trying to figure out the best hidden credit card perks.


CNET Personal Finance includes collections of tips for life's milestones, like buying a house and planning for retirement. 


CNET Personal Finance's mission is to help you make better financial decisions in a world where technology and finances intersect in ways we never expected -- even ways that affect your personal health. We'll help you understand tech-driven robo-advisors for your investments, which credit cards work best, how to manage your budgeting with the help of digital tools, how to buy a house and the best tools to manage your employment and career choices. Technology and innovation will pave the way for your future financial gains, and we're here to help explain it.

In the days to come, we'll tell you how to invest and save during a pandemic, the best robo-advisors in 2020 and why you should still file your taxes even though it's not Tax Day. Come along with us for these helpful and fascinating conversations, brought to you by a team of expert finance journalists and how-to writers. We're excited to expand our coverage to bring this to you, and we look forward to helping you come out ahead.