The Cost of Climate Change: Spending sustainably

From cars to food, the CNET Money team looks at how the things we buy can make a difference.

Farnoosh Torabi Former Editor at Large
Farnoosh Torabi is a financial strategist, host of the award-winning podcast So Money and a bestselling author.
Farnoosh Torabi
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In our third installment of The Cost of Climate Change, we focus on the ways that spending money can contribute to climate change -- or help mitigate it. Though corporate marketing mechanisms have largely co-opted "conscious consumerism," there are still ways to be more thoughtful, deliberate and constructive with our spending. Today, we look at a variety of products, from burgers to cars, that provide an opportunity to use our purchase power to support the companies and products that are working on solutions to climate change. 

Today's feature stories include: 

And here's a snapshot of some earlier climate pieces related to the home and real estate:

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