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T-Mobile Could Be Launching a Credit Card

Goldman Sachs is reportedly teaming up with the carrier to try to make a T-Mobile credit card the newest addition to your wallet.

T-mobile logo
T-mobile is reportedly eyeing the credit card space.
James Martin/CNET

T-Mobile and Goldman Sachs have agreed to collaborate on a credit card, according to a Bloomberg article published Tuesday. 

With the agreement, T-Mobile would become the third company, along with Apple and GM, to partner with Goldman Sachs on a credit card deal since the financial giant expanded into credit cards three years ago. 

It's unclear if or when an official T-Mobile credit card will become available, or how it might pair with T-Mobile Money, the wireless carrier's banking service. Additionally, there are no indications of what perks T-Mobile wireless customers might receive when using a T-Mobile credit card.

T-Mobile declined to comment. Goldman Sachs didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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