CNET Money launches weekly YouTube series

From budgeting to investing to how to buy a home, CNET Money delivers engaging financial videos on its new YouTube channel.

This story is part of So Money (subscribe here), an online community dedicated to financial empowerment and advice, led by CNET Editor at Large and So Money podcast host Farnoosh Torabi.

If your 2022 resolution is to get your finances on track and build wealth, good news: You can get a head start by subscribing to our new CNET Money YouTube channel. Each Wednesday, financial expert and CNET Editor at Large Farnoosh Torabi will share insights, advice and strategy to help you save more, spend smart, invest wisely and live richer.

The channel launched on Wednesday, Dec. 8, with the first video addressing an issue important to everyone trying to figure out where to keep their money: how to switch banks without making a mess.

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