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Work Hard? Play Hard? The Fitbit Ionic may be the wearable solution for you

In today's fast-paced lifestyle, it can be hard to find a device that keeps up with everything you do. From health tracking to mobile payment options, Fitbit's most recent watch could be the device that finally bridges this gap.


Finding the perfect balance of smartwatch features is hard when you want to do it all. Compromise is common, and we find ourselves settling for second best. But now with the launch of the Fitbit Ionic there's a real answer to the problem. A testament to premium smartwatch features and styling for daily life alongside 24/7 fitness tracking firepower.

Fitbit has built an incredible reputation. From the early days of clip-on trackers to the power and style of wrist wearables, Fitbit set the standard and remains at the pinnacle of the fitness tracking scene.


Fitbit Ionic is fit for any occasion with a range of accessory bands

All Fitbit products are underpinned with its excellent cloud data synchronisation and apps for all platforms, making it easy to track your activities and then learn how to perform better by looking deep into the data.

With the smartwatch revolution well underway, many users have been waiting for the new ideal wrist wearable that offers real added lifestyle benefits without reducing the core exercise tracking experience.

Life Unleashed

By putting everything you expect from a Fitbit alongside features like contactless payments, built-in GPS, apps and onboard music, you get a true balance of life and fitness needs.

Contactless payments on Fitbit Ionic are supported by all four of the major banks (Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, NAB and Westpac), covering a large majority of Australian users.

Once you setup your desired cards through the Fitbit app, the Ionic's NFC chip makes it easy to pay at all the usual terminals without needing your wallet with you. A big win whether your hands are full on a busy day or you're stopping by the store after a session at the gym or the beach.

Alongside all the app notifications you expect when you're hooked into your smartphone, there's also built-in apps, like support for storing over 300 songs so you can pump things up without needing your phone to get involved.

The Fitbit Ionic styling is also ready for work or play. Interchangeable straps let you shift from Horween leather bands for serious work meetings to a breathable elastomer design when you know you're about to sweat. There's also a range of watch face styles, from the elegant to the fun and the fit-centric. Whatever your personal style, you'll find a way to make your Fitbit Ionic look just right.

Unparalleled Fitness Features


Step counts, floors climbed, calories burned and duration, the Fitbit Ionic does it all!

If you haven't had the Fitbit experience before, you're in for a treat. You can expect the Fitbit Ionic to deliver step counts, floors climbed, calories burned, how many minutes you've been active through the day and also sleep insights. It features heart rate tracking, including resting heart rate, which is an important measure of your overall fitness level and how that baseline is improving over time.

When you're tracking exercises, you can specify what kind of activity you're undertaking through Multi-Sport Mode. There's a big difference between running outdoors and running a treadmill, and Fitbit can track those differences to give you an accurate picture of your performance. Whether you're cycling or lifting weights, you're covered by the modal tracking options.

Swim tracking is another mode on offer, as the Fitbit Ionic is also water resistant to 50m, so you have nothing to fear in the pool. Plus there's an interval timer when you're getting serious with your circuit training routine.

If you're looking for extra guidance, Fitbit Ionic also includes dynamic personal coaching right there on the watch. Sessions like a 10-minute abs, or a 7-minute workout, complete with visual cues and timers so you know what your virtual coach wants you to do.


Multi-Sport Mode can track what activity you are doing based on your movement.

Where Fitbit really shines is the fact you don't even need to worry about setting up an exercise session if you don't want to (or just forget). Fitbit's SmartTrack will pick up on the style of movement you're currently performing and give you credit for the exercise you're doing. So that quick game of lunch football or a brisk walk from the office to a meeting a few blocks away will also get you exercise credit without even thinking about it.

If you're really looking to get the total package, add a Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi smart scale to your home and you'll feed weight loss and body fat data into your Fitbit dashboard for an even more complete picture of your fitness progress.

Five Days of Freedom

Best of all, when you can deliver battery life of up to five days like the Fitbit Ionic, you ensure access to a complete 24/7 fitness data assessment. So many smartwatches demand daily charging, which means sleep tracking is simply not possible.

Anyone chasing a true 'quantified self' experience knows you need to regularly track your full 24/7 lifecycle in order to look at what's happening to your body and how your routines are changing.

Getting this kind of battery life, alongside this level of fitness tracking, and in a smartwatch with these kinds of features? Fitbit Ionic sets a standard all its own.

If the Fitbit Ionic sounds like the solution for you, it is available for purchase here through the Fitbit store.