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With the new iPhone comes a fresh take on case design and innovation

Protecting the newest Apple in your pocket and giving it the high-style it deserves

A Strong Case for Strong Cases

There's maximum buzz around the iPhone 8, with breathless reviews extolling its improved sensors, "intelligent" shutter, professional-quality lighting effects, and mind-blowing video capabilities. And that's just the camera. With a retail price of up to $1,000, this upgrade had better live up to all the hype! 

Perhaps you've taken the plunge. You're now the proud owner of the shiniest Apple in the barrel. If you've ever cracked a screen, gotten gunk on the buttons, or accidentally washed your device with your jeans, you know how easy it is to send your smartphone to an early grave. 

How do you protect your investment? Moreover, how do you give it the high style it deserves? 

We asked the pros at Caseology, one of the top trending names in electronics accessories, what was on their minds when crafting their latest series of protective cases for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. The Cerritos, CA-based workshop is a market leader in products that stand up to trauma and still make a statement.

Every Series Features Intelligent Form and Function

"It's about finding that sweet spot between style and technology," said Claire Cho, Caseology's Product Director. "While our creative team was sketching their inspirations on mood boards, the production crew researched and tested different military-grade materials. Durability is the top priority." 

Cho points to the sexy new Apex Series for the the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8; and the upgraded Parallax Series for the  iPhone XiPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 (which has a grippy matte finish), to illustrate what it takes to ensure the device is protected from every angle. Both series of cases are equipped with impact-resistant PC frames, shock-absorbing TPU covers, and rugged, dual-layer design. And your inner Spielberg will be happy to know that your fragile lens is protected by a built-in camera bezel. 


Next, the team drilled down to functionality. Caseology customizes each model according to the device's specs and features, keeping the overall user experience in mind. "Consumers expect their smartphones to be easy to use, but tactile satisfaction is just as important," Cho added. 

That's evident in Caseology's upgrades to the heavy-duty Vault Series for the  iPhone XiPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8; the super-trim Skyfall Series for the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 8; and the scratch-resistant Coastline Series for the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 8. With elements like responsive button covers, comfortable grip, slim hold, precision cutouts, and lightweight heft, these cases make new generation Apples a pleasure to have and hold. 

Taking Pride in Aesthetics and Value with Each New Series

Caseology's reputation for artistry is a particular point of pride. According to Cho, "Today's phones are an extension of ourselves, our personalities, our lifestyles. Our typical customer loves to coordinate their cases with their wardrobe or mood." With many different colors, textures, and designs to choose from, she says, "you can be quirky one day, sophisticated the next. Switch out as you like without sacrificing quality protection." 

An Amazon bestseller, Caseology keeps a close eye on affordability. The company maintains a modest price point-most cases are well under $20.00, compared with competing products in the $50.00 range-and offers discounts on cases with screen protectors in bundles. And that makes it easy as apple pie to keep your Apple free of bumps and bruises for the long haul.