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Why Hive smart home plans are worth a try

Are you rushing out of the house every morning or crashing on the couch every night with no energy left?

Most of us seem to agree that our homes should help us live smarter. Hive smart home services are designed to help you get more out of your home and your life. It's a family of connected smart home products from the UK now readily available on our side of the pond. In a Hive survey, 73% of Americans agreed that a smart home could make their daily lives easier. With the Hive app, the British maker created an easy, mobile solution to manage your modern living space comfortably.  

Building easy routines and ready-set programs may make our lives more efficient - without feeling like work and instead freeing up more time for fun. Hive smart home plans are crafted for different types of lifestyles and budgets. They include Hive Window/Door Sensors, Hive Active Plugs and IFTTT functionality. For example:

  • You can perfect the morning routine and check everything from your phone once you're out, like turning off the lights and the plugs from the car on your way to work.
  • You could create a "Hive Action" that turns on your television when you walk into the living room. With Hive Actions, your Hive products come to life, working together magically without you having to do a thing. (You can set up Actions really easily. The Actions section of the Hive App makes it effortless to link up your lights, sensors and plugs so that your home responds to you however you want it to.)
  • You could boost your heating and turn the lights on before you get home by using IFTTT and your geo-location so you're greeted with a warm and bright house.
  • Get a head start  for a big family meal by scheduling your slow cooker or toaster oven using Hive Active plugs.
  • Set different temperatures in up to three different zones, accommodating the schedules of everyone in the family.

The Hive family of products come in different plans at no extra cost.

There are no up-front costs. It's one easy, award-winning app to control a complete smart home system with integrated products that often get new features and functionality seamlessly added. Simply pick a plan that works for you, and you're ready to go and make this worth your while.

"A smart home is a home that works for you, instead of you working for your home," explains Roy Vella, North America VP/General Manager of Hive. "It's about taking these devices and connecting them in a way that adds value to our lives, such as enabling a busy working mother to check in on her home and family during a work trip overseas."

Even the not-so-technically literate can do it. The devices are part of a family, so you don't have to learn multiple device lingos or install several apps to set up and manage. Plus, the whole set is compatible with services like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Google Home. With software updates and new features such as an upcoming Apple watch integration, there's even more connectivity in one place, under your roof. So, you can ask Alexa to turn off the air conditioner and the lights when you leave home. Now, anyone can have a Smart Home - with a Hive smart home plan, all you need is your mobile phone.   

To sign up today for a plan that fits your needs, head to