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The most stylish iPhone 8 cases yet

Caseology’s new iPhone 8 cases are ‘designed to crash the party’

A Look at Caseology's New Designs

The iPhone 8 has been announced and pre-ordering began September 15th. While you're getting online to place your order, you should certainly consider protecting your newest investment, because, let's face it; we're probably not as gentle with our phones as we should be. 

Your phone is an extension of your life; it's how you communicate with the rest of the world. Like your clothing, car or hairstyle, your phone - and perhaps more importantly, the case it's in - is something you use daily and should represent your personality and lifestyle.

We're breaking down Caseology's new line of cases for iPhone 8, including the new Apex, Spectra, Nero Tough and Nero Slim series; plus their freshly upgraded classic designs, to help you decide which one makes the most sense for you.


This new collection, like its predecessors, focuses on durability, affordability, and sleek design. Since the new iPhone is encased in glass [front to back, top to bottom], it's time to put the days of dreading slips and drops behind us. And, since the iPhone 8 comes at a premium starting price of $699, the affordability of Caseology's cases is something we can all appreciate.   

Apex Series (New)  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

The Apex Series marries a slim and modern geometric design with all new patterns and a variety of colors. The Apex is equipped with an impact-resistant PC frame and shock-absorbing TPU cover to ensure your iPhone 8 is protected from every angle. Choose from colors black, pine green, burgundy, ocean gray and aqua green.

Apex Series

Parallax Series  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

One of Caseology's upgraded designs, Parallax, builds upon the previous version's solid durability with a fresh look. The Parallax features a dual layer design with TPU sleeve and impact-resistant PC frame with shock-absorbing corners. Top it all off with a slim, modern,and geometric texture in burgundy, black, ocean gray and pine green, and this case makes for one of the most stylish and durable phone cases on the market. 

Parrallax Series

Legion Series [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

Another classic from Caseology is the Legion series. This heavy-duty protective case features a hard PC shell with shock-absorbing TPU sleeve and a grippy, matte finish. The Legion case comes in a variety of colors to match any lifestyle including charcoal gray, aqua green and splash-white marble.

Legion Series

Vault Series  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

Caseology's Vault series is an innovative design with a flexible, single-piece TPU case and laser-etched, three-dimensional texture. The slim and simple design fits perfectly in your pocket and comes in black and pine green.

Vault Series

Skyfall Series  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

Skyfall is one of Caseology's more luxurious designs with its transparent, acrylic cover and polycarbonate frame. Like the rest of the brand's cases, you can expect durability with the Skyfall case; this design also features shock-absorbing corners.  This design is available in warm gray, black, copper gold and red.

Skyfall Series

Coastline Series  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

Caseology's Coastline rounds out the return of the classic cases. The iPhone 8 version of Coastline incorporates triple shock-absorbing layers with a scratch-resistant clear cover. This ultra clear case is designed with a signature color contrast border and comes in white gray, deep blue, frost gray and red.


Coastline Series

Spectra Series (Coming Soon...)  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

The Spectra series is a slim, modern hard cover case that has a professional, sleek look. Its TPU sleeve and impact resistant PC frame with shock absorbing corners protect your phone from everyday elements and adventures. Spectra's new pattern transforms the iPhone into an accessory, with options including pine green with beige leather, black with black leather, pine green with wood and black with wood. 

Nero Tough + Nero Slim Series (Coming Soon...)  [iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8]

Last, but not least, Caseology's upcoming new series is called Nero Tough and Nero Slim. With an ultra thin 360º cover case and 9H tempered glass screen protector, this new design makes the protection of your phone more versatile and stylish than ever. The Nero Tough and Nero Slim come in black and charcoal gray.


Nero Tough + Nero Slim Series

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