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The Journey to Vivid Sydney

Imagine you had never been on a plane. Imagine you had never been to Sydney or seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge in real life. For the students of Mount Burr, a regional town in South Australia, this was a reality. But all that is about to change!

Co-created by Samsung and Social Ventures Australia, the STEM Learning Hub was launched in 2017 and aims to bridge Australia's STEM skill gap by providing students and teachers from low socio-economic communities access to Samsung technology and resources that they would otherwise not have had access to. Since the commencement of the program, more than 21,000 students and 2,000 teachers have participated in the program.

As part of the STEM Learning Hub, students and teachers from Mount Burr Primary School, Nangwarry Primary School and Glencoe Central Primary School recently flew to Sydney to see Vivid for the first time.

Lisa Scott is the coordinator at Mount Burr Primary School. She says that opportunities like this help students from regional areas see the fruits borne from STEM skilled artists and creators.

"Attending Vivid gave students the opportunity to consider STEM related careers and experience learning on a global scale," says Scott. "With the support of Samsung and SVA, students will learn how to use technology in a new context, allowing them to make connections with learning and their future aspirations."

The principal of Mount Burr, Anne-Marie Fitzgerald agrees: "Whilst we very much value the benefits of our small school and community we also understand the importance of providing our students with learning opportunities beyond our local area to broaden their experiences. The Samsung Vivid experience provides an exciting opportunity for our students to engage in purposeful learning beyond Mount Burr."

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