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The Honor Play: everything you need to know

Smartphone brand Honor has used this year's IFA conference in Berlin to show off it's exciting new phone that's been made for the modern gamer.

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George Zhao, President of Honor, took to the stage at IFA to reveal the Honor Play (you can watch the event live stream here) -- a smartphone that's been designed to make the most of the mobile gaming experience. Honor is using the tag "Crazy Fast, Crazy Smart" to describe the Honor Play and with a look at these features, you'll see why.

Special gaming features

But the Honor Play is all about gaming with some specific features for a more immersive experience. Take, for example, the 4D Smart Shock vibration where the Honor Play will react in your hands, just like your favourite console controller. It comes with automatic setting for 30 different gameplay scenarios. The innovative 3D sound support means you can hear the direction that sounds are coming from while the Game suite mode to make sure you're not disturbed when you play.


Honor Play has announced a strategic partnership with PUBG Mobile.

Honor Play

It's this commitment with gaming that's why the Honor Play has a strategic partnership with the hit game PUGB Mobile making this *the* phone for the PUBG player on the go.

Power inside

But Honor hasn't just made a phone that looks good. Inside you'll find GPU Turbo, a ground-breaking integration of hardware and software that serves up a 60 percent improvement on graphics with vastly improved frame rates for a sharper, smoother gaming experience.

The GPU Turbo doesn't just boost the graphics -- it actually reduces the overall power consumption by 15 percent for a longer battery life. In fact, with the 3,745 mAh battery in the Honor you can expect 1.5 of battery life, 15 hours of video streaming and up to 95 hours of music streaming.

It's not just the GPU Turbo that's bringing the power boost. The Kirin 970 CPU comes with an independent, built-in NPU for better performance around AI related tasks, such as real-time image recognition. By separating the GPU, the CPU and DSP the Honor Play offers better performance and efficiency.

Stunning design

In terms of raw looks the Honor Play is going to grab some attention. The screen is a big 6.3-inch display that's been packed into a metal unibody that's roughly the same size as your average 5.5-inch screen. The result is a phone with an 89 percent screen to body ratio that's still easy to hold and operate one-handed.


The Honor Play is available in two special editions: the vibrant Player Edition Red and the intimidating Player Edition Black.

Honor Play

In fact, the Honor Play has been designed with a more ergonomic grip for gaming, along with a professional-grade Gaming Screen Protector that has a nano composite coating that's also anti-reflective.

The matte finish exterior comes with a range of colours including Midnight Black, Navy Blue and Ultra Violet. There are two special editions as well: the vibrant Player Edition Red and the intimidating Player Edition Black.

High-end camera technology

That automatic image recognition comes in handy for the 16-megapixel AI camera in the Honor Play. It can identify 22 different objects and over 500 scenarios, picking the best picture mode for whatever your style of photography. There's a special portrait mode for the rear camera while selfies with the front facing camera can take advantage of the multiple studio-style lighting options.

There's even special AI stabilisation for sharper photos, letting you do away with the tripod, even for long exposure shots. The smart gallery lets you easily group images and you can generate music videos on the fly with pre-installed tunes.

The Honor Play is expect to enter the market at a very competitive price point, this along with such strong design and hardware features the Honor Play is set to be the best device to keep gamers playing on the go. For more details on the Honor Play check out CNET or head over to the Honor Play site.