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The Biggest, Fastest & Most Reliable Network

The launch of a big new product in the world of mobile tech is the kind of event that makes the entire world - and we're not just talking about tech-lovers - sit up and take notice like a meerkat at the sound of an incoming gaggle of jackals. With the tantalising prospect of a new all-conquering phone seemingly always just around the corner, the thought of making a purchase is constantly on the mind of many a mobile consumer. Whether you're one of those already committed to your preferred manufacturer or someone who is contemplating changing sides and switched operating systems for the first time, you should expect mobile temptation to be around every corner.


Of course, deciding that you want to upgrade your handset is merely the first step. You'll also need to decide which network you're going to pledge your allegiance to, and there's always that urge to see if the grass is a little greener in someone else's garden. If you're in that camp, then you might want to consider EE as one of your options. Not only has the network been repeatedly named as the UK's number one mobile network for speed and reliability by RootMetrics - a title it has won again this year - it also offers some interesting features which will make the most of your shiny new handset.

As some famous Chinese philosopher probably didn't once say, a brand new phone is only as good as the network it's running on, and EE covers a whopping 80 percent of the UK with its superfast 4G network, making it the best in class as far as coverage is concerned. No other UK network can match that, but EE isn't resting on its laurels by any means - it's devoted to constantly evolving its network with double speed 4G offering speeds of up to 60mbps.

But that's not all - EE is also introducing 4G+ in London, which is on average 4x faster than the speed of standard 4G and offers speeds of up to 90mbps. Avoiding tech-speak, the best way to describe it is like a busy motorway suddenly getting a few more lanes - everyone moves faster. Don't worry if your new handset isn't 4G+ ready too - if you're on 4GEE you'll notice faster speeds overall because of that all-important increased network capacity.


However, simply getting the best coverage and performance is just one part of the puzzle - EE also offers some key features which will make your new phone truly sing. Even with EE's excellent coverage, there are moments when getting a signal is tricky, making WiFi Calling the answer to the prayers of countless millions. EE is the first and currently only UK network to offer this feature, which basically allows you to make calls and send text messages wherever you have a WiFi signal.

You've probably been in situations yourself where you're patched into your wireless router and have perfect data connectivity, but your network signal is so dismal that making a good, old-fashioned phone call simply isn't an option. WiFi Calling fixes that. It's even possible to make calls when you're on the London Underground - something your fellow passengers might not be so enamoured with - especially when you decide to regale your friends and family with the tale of how you lost both shoes and the vast majority of your clothing on a recent late-night drinking escapade - but it's most definitely a bonus for seasoned travellers.

It doesn't end there - EE has a raft of other features and services which can be added to your monthly contract and make sure you're even more connected and entertained. EE TV allows you to watch digital television through your TV, tablet or phone, with the ability to flick between each viewing platform with the swipe of a finger, while 4GEE WiFi allows you to carry your very own WiFi hotspot around with you, allowing friends and family to patch-in and soak up all that lovely connectivity - assuming you're feeling generous enough to allow them the privilege, obviously. Then there's the 4GEE Action Cam, the world's first 4G action camera that allows you to share life as it happens with livestreaming app Skeegle. If you're keen to share your outdoor pursuits or merely to broadcast events as and when they happen, the 4GEE Action Cam is a neat extra which only EE can provide.


However, let's not forget that the main reason you're even contemplating a network switch is the irresistible allure of fresh mobile tech. The smartphone you own says a lot about the kind of person you are, and it's hard to deny that these small slabs of tech are now the focal point of our entire day. We rely on them for communication, information, social connectivity, image capture, media consumption and portable gaming, so it's little wonder that buyers want to feel like they're made the right choice. When you've decided to make that purchase you want to know you're backed up by the UK's no.1 network. EE not only supplies superlative coverage, speed and reliability, but it also enhances some of the iPhone's most impressive features - such as innovative WiFi Calling and super-fast 4G connectivity.

The relationship between a phone and its network is rather like the bond between a car and its engine - it might look gorgeous on the outside but without the power inside, you're not going to get very far. Combining your shiny new phone with EE's award-winning network infrastructure ensures you get every drop of performance out of your beloved blower, and much more besides.