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The 6 features that make the HP Envy x2 truly mobile

We take a look at what makes the HP Envy x2 the ultimate on-the-go PC experience

The HP Envy x2 is at the forefront of a new wave of "always connected" laptops that defy convention and expectation. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile PC platform and running Windows 10 S, it's a complete mobile device with a great deal to recommend it. Here are the features that make the Envy the ultimate on-the-go PC experience. 

1. Exceptional Battery Life

It's always been easy enough to throw your laptop in a bag; it's just a shame that you always have to make room for the power supply too. This is where the Envy's switch from traditional PC CPUs to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform makes all the difference, promising genuine all-day battery life up to an impressive 22 hours' continuous use. That's enough to see you through an entire box set, let alone a series. 

The CPU's mobile roots also shine with its massive 700 hours of connected standby time, and the ability to restore 90% of your battery's charge in just 90 minutes thanks to HP Fast Charging Technology. 

2. Thin, Light and Durable Design 

At the core of true mobility is portability, and for those of you who need a laptop to go wherever you go, the Envy does not disappoint. Measuring at a mere 6.9mm thin in tablet configuration, and weighing a shade over 1.21 kg, it's as easy on bag space and bulk as it is on the eye. And while the detachable soft leather keyboard cover is highly recommended, the WUXGA+ touch display's durable and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass means it's cut out for any bumps and scrapes that everyday use inevitably brings. 

3. Future-proofed LTE Technology 

With its integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon x16 LTE modem, the Envy enjoys a lightning-fast and extremely power-efficient 4G connection, even when Wi-fi is unavailable. Now you can stream, share and download any time, absolutely anywhere. This is what it means to truly be always connected. 

4. A Streamlined, Secure OS 

The high-performance Windows 10 S operating system is a perfect match for the Envy, with a wide range of Microsoft-verified applications available exclusively via the Microsoft Store, and Windows Defender Antivirus out of the box. You've also got the world's most secure browser in the form of Microsoft Edge, and password- and hands-free sign-in courtesy of Windows Hello. OneDrive provides cloud-based synchronisation for your files - perfect for an always connected PC - and Windows Ink is the perfect complement to the included HP Digital Pen. 

5. Convertibility and Connectivity 

Being mobile shouldn't come at the expense of flexibility; it's just as important to be able to work comfortably as it is to stay connected. In laptop mode, the innovative magnetic hinge of the soft keyboard cover lets you adjust for multiple viewing angles, perfect for writing, creating or just sitting back and watching. And with tablet mode, you've got a generous 12.3" screen to get the most out of powerful touch-screen applications like Windows Ink, so you can leave your notepad or sketchpad at home. It's all capped off with a speedy USB Type-C port, a combo audio jack and slots for micro SD and SIM cards, dispensing any need for ungainly adapters. 

6. Ultra-Portable Extras 

Your Envy comes with two extras that complement its slim profile and lightweight design, and allow you to get the most out of its amazing feature set. The soft cover that also acts as an adjustable stand also incorporates a full keyboard and trackpad, both of which are incredibly intuitive and responsive. It's exactly what you need for keeping everyone updated on social and getting your thoughts and ideas written down. 

For a tablet experience that's as natural as pen on paper, you've also got a HP Digital Pen. The pressure sensitive tip provides the same tactile quality as its lo-fi equivalent, meaning your natural writing and drawing style will be effortlessly retained. 

So that's six ways that the HP Envy x2 redefines the mobile PC experience. To find out more, visit