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Sonos' Highly-Anticipated Ace Headphones Let You Take Immersive Sound Everywhere

With customized spatial sound, world-class active noise cancellation, cushiony comfort and long-lasting battery life, Sonos Ace set a new bar for premium headphones.

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Sonos is synonymous with immersive home audio. But what if you could take this experience out into the world with you? Now you can: Sonos' highly-anticipated Ace headphones are now available at Best Buy. With immersive spatial audio, world-class active noise cancellation (ANC) and a TV Noise Swap feature that integrates with your home sound system, Ace headphones take your audio experience to the next level whether you're at home or on the go.

CNET gave the long-awaited Ace headphones high marks for their design, sound quality and calling features. "Not only are the Ace headphones really well designed, but they also sound excellent, have top-notch noise canceling and very good voice-calling performance," reads our review.

Here, we break down some of the premium tech and design features that made CNET declare the Sonos Ace headphones one of the top options on the market.

Immersive, spatial sound you can feel

Great music shouldn't just be listened to, it should be experienced. From crystal-clear treble notes to the booming bass, Ace headphones deliver an immersive audio experience that brings out every detail of your sound experience. They deploy custom-designed audio drivers to make you feel like you're in the room with your favorite artists.

Sonos Ace headphones provide spatial audio with Dolby Atmos to surround you in sound, and with dynamic head tracking the experience of listening becomes interactive, like you're in your own personal movie theater. Using the Sonos app, you can customize your spatial audio experience, tweak the EQ and adjust your headphone settings to give you the most individualized listening experience possible. 

Sonos Ace Headphones at Best Buy

Clear calls and powerful active noise canceling

These days, our headphones are a part of us, whether we're listening to music at the gym or answering a call on the street. The versatile technology in Sonos Ace headphones knows what you're doing and when to switch tracks. When you answer a phone call, eight beamforming microphones isolate your voice from the ambient noise around you, ensuring that you come through crisp and clear. That same tech provides word-class active noise cancellation, keeping the outside world at bay while you're immersed in music. For times when you need to hear what's going on around you, Aware mode lets outside sounds pass through, blending seamlessly with whatever you're listening to.

Style, comfort and control

Sonos is known for its sleek, attractively-designed sound products, and the Ace headphones are no exception. From the luxurious, pillow-like feel of the memory foam ear cushions to the extendable stainless-steel band, you'll be feeling good and looking great. The extendable band and rotating ear cups can be adjusted to ensure the most comfortable fit. 

The ear cushions not only feel great, they lock in the sound by creating an acoustic seal without applying pressure to your head. With wear detection, Sonos Ace knows when to play audio and when to pause, and the intuitive tactile controls on the earcups let you easily adjust volume, skip tracks, switch audio modes, take calls and activate your voice assistant with the click of a button.

David Carnoy/CNET

Wireless or wired, switch between multiple devices

With Sonos Ace, you can pair two devices simultaneously and switch between them effortlessly. Listen to music from your phone, then get home and switch to your TV for a movie. Or enjoy a podcast from your laptop while you work, and continue it from your phone on your commute. 

Prefer to wire in for the highest quality lossless audio? Connect using either a USB-C or 3.5mm audio cable, both included with Sonos Ace. Wireless or wired, on any device, with Sonos Ace, you're good to go right out of the box.

Long-lasting battery life and ultra-fast charging 

Sonos Ace headphones sound so great and are so comfortable that you may never want to take them off. But with up to 30 hours of listening or talk time—and that's with ANC turned on—you'll probably end up needing a break before your Sonos Ace headphones do. When it's time to charge, plug in the included USB-C cable for three minutes and get back three hours of battery life. 

Take personalized, immersive sound with you today

Even if you love your soundbar and speakers, you can't always be at home with them. Now that the Sonos Ace has finally arrived, you can take your customized spatial audio into the world with you wherever you go, and complete your experience when you come back to your space. Elevate your sound and pick up the Sonos Ace at Best Buy today.