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Six EcoFlow Power Station Deals to make sure you have a very Merry Christmas

Six EcoFlow Power Station Deals to make sure you have a very Merry Christmas


Christmas is a special time of year for one important reason: No, not getting together with family, or taking time off to relax. It's because Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself to a portable power station from EcoFlow.

Let's be real: Without colourful lights and the sound of new gadgets being powered on for the first time, Christmas would just be another cold and dreary day in the dark of winter. So what you need is a trusted back-up power source that will keep you and your family rocking around the Christmas tree and harking while the Herald Angels Sing, whatever happens outside.

So now is the time, and below is our guide to six of the best EcoFlow deals you can find this side of Christmas.

EcoFlow RIVER mini

Ideal for powering 99% of consumer electronics, the RIVER mini brings big power in a tiny package.

The EcoFlow RIVER mini will always have enough juice inside to power whatever you are doing. Whether you need your phone, your laptop, your wifi hotspot - or all three at the same time - this is no mere power pack. This is a portable power station.

The device itself packs a battery capacity of 210Wh. In terms of plugging devices in, even though it outputs 300W, it can handily power devices that require up to 600W by doing some smart power management using X-Boost technology.

Currently available for a great price of $259, down from an original MSRP of $349

EcoFlow DELTA mini

The EcoFlow DELTA mini is a device that is just as useful in the home as on a trip. With 882Wh of storage, and output of 1400W, it is the perfect reliable back-up for your home. So even a power outage won't stop the festivities.

The unit has all of the connectivity you might need: Two standard 220V sockets, a DC car-charger socket, as well as four USB ports (2x USB-A, 1x USB-A fast charge, 1x USB-C). Oh, and there's even an electric shaver socket too, in case Santa needs to shave his beard in a blackout.

Like other EcoFlow devices, the DELTA mini also supports X-Boost, which means that though output is capped at 1400W, it can easily power devices that require up to 1800W by using clever power management algorithms.

The EcoFlow DELTA mini is currently on offer at $899, down from an MSRP of $999.

 EcoFlow DELTA

"It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid," sang Paul Young on Do They Know It's Christmas, and this is especially true if you have an EcoFlow DELTA under your tree.

With a battery capacity of 1260Wh, it is capable of charging up any device that requires up to 1800W in power. With X-Boost, it can even power devices up to 3300W, so can even power a microwave to heat up that leftover turkey during a power outage.

And best of all, like it's smaller siblings, it can also be charged up in just 1.6 hours on a standard domestic socket - making it the fastest portable battery available.

The EcoFlow DELTA is currently just $1,099 - down from $1,399.

 EcoFlow DELTA Max

So what if you need even more power? You know how it is - you plug in your true love's partridge in a pear tree, and before you know it, you have twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, and ten lords leaping over each other to get some juice for their phones.

If that's the case, then you need the EcoFlow DELTA Max, which packs an astonishing 2kWh of storage capacity - and can be expanded up to 6kWh when you connect it up with DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries.

Power output is similarly mammoth: It can handle up to 2400W of power output simultaneously, which you can X-Boost up to 3400W. The weather outside might be frightful, but you can be sure that even if the power goes out, your Christmas will remain delightful.

And amazingly, you can charge it all the way up in just 1.8 hours. It is the ultimate in home power resilience. The EcoFlow DELTA MAX can be yours for just $1,899 - down from a usual $2,099.

 DELTA Bundle (EcoFlow DELTA + 2x110W Solar Panels)

The DELTA Bundle, combines an EcoFlow DELTA with two 110W Solar Panels. This means that even if you must go off-grid for an extended period, you can still keep all of your essential gadgets running and charged up.

What's particularly great is that the solar panels will fully charge up the DELTA in just 7-14 hours. So even if a snowstorm takes your power for weeks, by the time you need to charge your gadgets gain, the DELTA should be once again ready to go.

The DELTA bundle is currently just $1,499 - saving a massive $698 on the usual price of $2,197.

DELTA Max (1600) Bundle (EcoFlow DELTA max + 4x110W Solar Panels)

For those who require the ultimate off grid solution. EcoFlow are offering an amazing deal to mark the end of the year.

The DELTA Max (1600) Bundle gives you all the power of the DELTA Max (1600) and throws in a whopping 4 solar panels of 110W each! The bundle is designed to give even the most power-hungry users the ability to wander off into the wilderness without ever having to worry about their power needs.

The DELTA Max (1600) Bundle is available with a MASSIVE $1100 off. Now available for only $2,299 as opposed to the usual price of $3,399.