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Secure mobile and on-site printing in vivid color

Mobile printing and printer speed play integral roles in helping workers and businesses achieve optimal productivity. Printer and document security, at the same time, pose significant risks to companies and are often overlooked. The Lexmark CX317dn delivers 25ppm speed, mobile printing support, and a unique Confidential Print feature for enhanced data protection.

Is that printer in the corner break room posing a threat to your company's document security? For many organizations, the answer is most likely "yes."

Document security is important for companies of all types, and is especially critical for organizations that need high levels of data protection, such as government agencies, financial institutions, and hospitals.


While every business has data to protect, many companies don't manage their printers as securely as they manage their digital files. In an IDC survey, more than one in four respondents reported a significant IT security breach that required remediation, and more than 25 percent of those incidents involved print.

Meanwhile, an already mobile workforce is growing more mobile every day. Many companies are embracing the merits of mobile printing, improving worker productivity by enabling individuals to print in a wider range of situations out in the field and away from the office.

Research conducted by Quocirca revealed that 70 percent of organizations have experienced one or more accidental data breaches through unsecured mobile printing, mainly due to confidential information being left in output trays and exposed to prying eyes.

Even though mobile printing heightens a company's vulnerability to document security gaps, such breaches can be thwarted by implementing "pull printing," which requires user authentication to release print jobs while maintaining a full audit trail. The productivity gains and business momentum enabled by mobile printing are substantially worth the additional security measures.

For companies interested in leveraging mobile printing while maintaining and enhancing document security, the Lexmark CX317dn multifunction printer (MFP) is a good choice. The CX317dn not only yields high-output, vivid color laser printouts, but also supports secure mobile printing and boasts a Confidential Print feature for enhanced data protection.


A standard part of the Lexmark universal print driver, Confidential Print holds an individual's job on a Lexmark printer or MFP selected until the intended recipient enters a unique PIN on the printer's keypad. Held jobs can be set to expire after an elapsed time, configurable from one hour to one week. Additionally, a limit can be set on the number of times a PIN can be entered incorrectly before the corresponding jobs are purged.

The Lexmark CX317dn allows employees to send print jobs securely from their iPhones, iPads, or Android smartphones or tablets to any enabled printer or MFP on their company's network. The mobile print capability is enabled through an optional Wi-Fi adapter or Lexmark's free Mobile Print app for Android and iOS devices.

Lexmark's proven and tested network security features protect devices, information, and networks from unauthorized access during mobile and on-site printing.

With its 60,000-page maximum monthly duty cycle (500-5,000 recommended), the Lexmark CX317dn is an ideal enterprise-class MFP. It prints up to 25 pages per minute (ppm) in crisp black and vivid color up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. This Energy Star-certified MFP produces a one-page color document in as few as 12.5 seconds, and 11.5 seconds for black-and-white.

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