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Samsung's New QLED TV range is a designer dream

It’s more than just the picture quality that makes Samsung’s QLED range shine.

Samsung's 2018 line-up of QLED TVs are out now with a range of screen sizes available, including a mammoth 75-inches. But what makes these TVs stand out from the crowd isn't just the picture quality and the processing power. There's a lot of clever design work that's been packed in TVs and it's worth exploring these features in a little more detail. If you want to get under the hood and see what makes the picture quality so fine, that's here.


Ambient Mode transforms the QLED TVs into a feature in the home

Home Ambience

Samsung's new Ambient Mode has been the talk of the town since it was announced with TVs finally able to match your décor instead of just being a big black rectangle. This is a first for the television industry in Australia and a lot of smart technology comes into play with Ambient Mode. The new Samsung QLED TVs work with the SmartThings app on compatible mobile devices to sense the colour and pattern of the wall they're mounted on and actually match the display to the environment when you're not watching a movie, catching up on your sporting team or playing your favourite game console. It doesn't have to just blend either: you could choose a more decorative or artistic design if you like or even your personal photos from the Samsung Cloud.

Ambient Mode isn't just about aesthetics: you can set your new QLED TV to display the information you need for your day, like the weather or the time of day, all available at a glance when you need it. Ambient Mode is also designed to match the brightness of the room, making sure it doesn't stand out by being over bright or too dim to see.

Ambient Mode has been designed to reduce power consumption and . In Ambient Mode the TV will sync with a compatible mobile phone and use that to detect when someone is in the room. It is designed to only activate the pattern and information display when someone is around to see it. Or just have it on a simple timer, letting it deactivate at a pre-arranged time.

 Subtle design


One Connection allows easy setup and removes unsightly cables

Part of the reason the 2018 Samsung QLED range works so well when mounted is what Samsung call the One Clear Connection, which is available on the Q9 and Q7 models. This is a single cord that connects your TV screen to the one connect box (to which your external devices can be connected) as well as providing power to the TV. It's the power aspect that makes this truly a world-first -- and truly a single cable.. Before this TVs weren't able to transmit both data signals and power over a single cable, so you still needed your TV plugged into a power socket with a separate cable.

The One Clear Connection is made using Teflon, for extra durability and heat resistance, but more importantly it's unobtrusive. Wall-mount your new Samsung QLED TV and rather than an untidy nest of cables connecting your devices, there's one single translucent cord while your gaming consoles, 4K Blu-ray player and anything else are all tucked away leaving you with an uncluttered home theatre experience.

 Very smart TVs

Samsung stands by its QLED range and some new display technology, plus the long life of Quantum Dots, means the 2018 line-up even comes with a 10 Year No Screen Burn Guarantee. That means there should be no image ghosting on your QLED screen for a whole decade. That's in addition to Samsung Care that offers free support, including a free replacement remote or One Clear Connection cable if required (T&Cs apply).

The Q Picture system includes High Dynamic Range (HDR10+) plus an impressive colour gamut and strong contrast, especially in the models using Direct Full Array. It all happens behind the scenes and the only thing you need to know is that your movies or favourite sport are going to look sharp, clear and more life-like than ever.

But even getting away from the screen itself, Samsung has taken its already smart TVs and added features that make them practically geniuses. Smart Install drastically reduces set-up time. This uses both your smartphone and any Samsung account you already have to automatically transfer over log-in details, getting you connected to Wi-Fi and set-up with your entertainment apps quicker than ever.  This is available now, logging into these apps is scheduled to be available from July 2018.

If you're in the market for a new TV then the 2018 Samsung QLED range has the brains, the power and the looks to transform your viewing experience, whether you're after a movie night for the whole family, watching sport with friends, or buckling down the latest games.