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Samsung's new 2018 QLED range will change the way you view

Now that Samsung’s latest QLED TVs have been launched we take a look at the technology that is driving this new range.

Samsung's latest range of QLED TVs are out now and they're packed with innovative technology that will change the way you watch TV at home. In fact, there's so much going on in these TVs it's worth cracking the hood and taking a look at these high-tech displays and what they mean for you.

Samsung has been using Quantum Dot technology for a while and there's a lot of advantages to this particular technology. Quantum Dots, as a refresher, are tiny inorganic crystals that are designed to very precisely replicate colour when light shines through it. The colour depends on the size of the crystal which means TV manufacturers can fine tune the colours on offer in a an efficient way.

This makes for not only a wide range of colours that can be displayed, but those colours are extremely bright and, most importantly of all, accurate colour representations. Your favourite TV shows and movies are going to look more true-to-life, with a sharp contrast and a brightness that will make it pop.

It's also good news for people who want bigger TVs as well – and let's face it, who doesn't want a bigger screen when it comes to home entertainment? Samsung's latest QLED range includes models with screens up to 75-inches in size. 


Samsung's 2018 QLED range reduces screen glare and improved picture quality from any angle

Samsung Australia

Long Lasting

Not only that, but the fact it's inorganic makes Quantum Dot very resistant to damage from screen burn-in where images displayed for a long time can end up as "ghosts" on the screen, haunting your viewing experience. Samsung are so confident about this, the new QLED range come with a 10 Year No Screen Burn Guarantee. For hardcore sport watchers, this will come with a big a sigh of relief. This will also come into play with the new Ambient Mode Samsung has in the 2018 QLED line-up. Ambient Mode lets the TV sense the colour and pattern of the wall they're mounted on via the SmartThings app and match the screen to that when not in use. Rather than just a flat black panel the TV can blend into your room and even show the weather or the time all available at a glance when you need 

On the flagship Samsung Q8 and Q9 TVs this is all backed up by a feature called Direct Full Array backlighting technology, brand new for the 2018 QLED range. This offers even more stunning picture quality than traditional Edge-Lighting TVs by making sure that the screen is illuminated accurately across the whole breadth of the display and not just from the edges. It's backed by an improved viewing angle, anti-glare filter and some well-designed algorithms in charge of the lighting. This reduces blooming and halo effects and enables deeper contrast, with inky blacks and brilliant whites. It's also particularly good for watching HDR or High Dynamic Range and Samsung's new range sports the HDR10+ standard.


At its most basic, HDR is about superior colour and contrast when compared to SDR (standard dynamic range). Whites can be brighter, blacks darker and the contrast between the two even greater. Colours will look clearer and more realistic. That additional clarity can make your movies absolutely pop off the screen! Even to the most jaded TV viewer, HDR creates an easily noticeable difference to movies and TV shows.


The QLED's 15ms lag time is a gamers best friend

Samsung Australia

As we said, QLED technology is particularly good for HDR because quantum dot technology can easily provide the deeper colours that HDR requires. HDR10+ pushes the technology even further, optimising colour and contrast levels for each individual scene. It's requires a lot of processing power, but that's what the Samsung QLED range has, so you can watch your movie exactly the way the director intended.

If you watch a lot of sport or enjoy gaming at home, there's a couple of extra features tucked away in Samsung's QLED TVs that will make you a very happy person. The first is the 200Hz refresh rate which, when combined with Quantum Dot and Direct Full Array, makes for very smooth motion when the action gets fast-paced.

Game Mode

Gamers will also love Samsung's promised 15ms of lag -- basically meaning you can get super-fast response time when it counts. Too much lag and your gaming can feel sluggish and unresponsive, but Samsung's Game Mode helps cuts back on response time letting you play at your best.

So whether you're a movie buff, gamer or just want your favourite TVs shows to look their absolute best Samsung's 2018 QLED range might be exactly what you're looking for.