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Samsung's latest TV range is much more than just excellent picture quality

At the exclusive First Look event held in New York, Samsung unveiled the latest details about their new QLED TVs.

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Samsung's QLED TVs have been lauded for their image quality and deservedly so. Two brand new models, the Q9F and the Q8F, announced at the First Look event, will look better than ever as they combine the inorganic nano-sized crystals that make QLED so good with Direct Full Array (DFA) technology, promising an even stronger level of contrast for your screen.

But amazing picture quality is just one element that a Samsung TV offers. Let's breakdown some of the other essential features. 

Ambient Mode: Having a TV that can blend in with your home décor is now even easier courtesy of the new Ambient Mode. Using a compatible smartphone to take an image, the new TVs can reflect the colour and pattern of the wall they're mounted on and match the screen to that when not in use. Rather than just a featureless black panel the TV can blend seamlessly into the environment.


Ambient mode allows your TV to blend with your home décor.

Ambient Mode can display your photos, the time and even the weather – all available at a glance when you need it. That's already remarkably clever, but Ambient Mode is even smarter than you might expect. The TV will sync with a mobile signal and use that to detect when a person is in the room to activate the pattern and information display, turning it back off when no one is around to see it.   


Super Style: Wall-mounting your Samsung TV is even easier than before thanks to the improved One Clear Connection. If you've previously balked at wall-mounting because of unsightly cables, then this may well change your mind.

One Clear Connection is a single cord that connects your screen to all your external devices as well as providing power to the TV. This is the first time ever that a TV has been able to transmit both a data signal and power over a single cable. Designed using Teflon, for extra durability and heat resistance, the cord is completely unobtrusive letting you keep the seamless, clean style you want in your living spaces.

Even Smarter: The 2018 line-up of Samsung Smart TVs are bordering on the genius when it comes to brain power. A system called Effortless Login drastically reduces set-up time and connects you to Wi-Fi in no time.

Ultra-Large Screen TVs: When a TV is this good, you want more of it. Bigger screen sizes are more popular than ever before, and Samsung is delivering what the people want, offering more models that come in 75-inches or larger.

Ultimate in-home entertainment: The new TVs also offer more intuitive menus, giving you even more options for how you navigate and consume the shows and movies you love.

The famed Samsung One Remote control has been given a refresh as well. You'll be able to seamlessly switch between streaming content and connected devices, such as games consoles, Blu-ray players and more, all with just one remote. Device names are automatically displayed on screen, so you won't have to spend time working out exactly what's connected to which HDMI port. 

The ultimate for gamers: Samsung's latest range is great for the gamers in the family. The colour reproduction and brightness are already excellent, but Samsung TVs also have impressive picture management options to ensure that the game looks and plays exactly how the developer intended.  

Samsung's 2018 QLED range will be available in store from April. For more information about the newly announced models visit