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Portability, performance, and versatility in a convertible laptop

Mobile professionals long for a device that combines touchscreen with full-keyboard, enabling a range of work and entertainment applications. The Samsung Chromebook Plus delivers the best of tablet and laptop functionality, with a pen input, HD display, and arsenal of cloud-hosted productivity apps.

For most professionals today, mobile devices are indispensable for conducting business and managing personal matters.

Mobile device usage is surging; around the world, more people access the Internet on mobile devices than on desktops. The tipping point came in October 2016, when mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3 percent of Internet usage, compared to 48.7 percent on desktops, according to StatCounter.

Smartphones, tablets, and hybrid devices are bringing critical information to mobile professionals and improving productivity. And when the workday ends, those same mobile devices deliver entertainment and social networking.

The main differences between a tablet and a laptop are the touchscreen and keyboard. But as mobile technology evolves, the features are merging. Touchscreens offer mobile professionals several benefits. Chief among them:

  • Convenience. Manipulating files, interacting with applications, inputting information, and other important tasks can all be done using basic touch controls, such as selecting, dragging, zooming, and resizing windows.
  • Versatility. Touchscreen inputs can boost productivity and simplify a host of controls on a hybrid device. On a convertible laptop, mobile professionals can use the device as a tablet or in tent mode. For users who don't want to move around in tactile mode, touchscreen laptops perform just as well using their integrated keyboards.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is a superlative example of a touchscreen laptop. It combines everything mobile professionals are looking for in a lightweight design. A standout feature is its 12.3-inch, Quad High-Definition 2400 x 1600 resolution LED display. Thanks to its 3:2 aspect ratio and 400 nit brightness, users can enjoy both widescreen and portrait tablet viewing with less eye strain.


A hexa-core processor, 2GHz speed, and long battery life keep the Chromebook Plus performing at enterprise-class levels.

The 360-degree rotating screen converts the Chromebook Plus into a traditional laptop with full keyboard and touchpad. The screen can be flipped behind the keyboard for a touchscreen tablet experience, and it can be positioned in tent mode for seamless collaboration and presentations using the touchscreen or built-in stylus pen.

The stylus also serves as an input for writing, drawing, and screen tasks. Used with Android note-taking apps, the stylus is a handy, comfortable-to-use writing, editing, and annotating tool.

Straight out of the box, the Samsung Chromebook Plus offers more than 1 million productivity and entertainment apps available on the Google Play Store. A plethora of popular games, music, movies, books, and many more apps are at the user's fingertips.

If the Samsung Chromebook Plus is being deployed in an enterprise work environment, administrator options allow IT to control access to Android apps. Administrators can add apps to a whitelist and also prevent employees from uninstalling specific apps.

Weighing in at less than 2.5 pounds and at a half-inch thick, the Samsung Chromebook Plus delivers portability, performance, and versatility for mobile professionals.

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