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Master social networks with the P8's camera

Social networking is all about keeping in touch with friends, sharing your experiences and generally feeling as connected as possible to the world around you -- but it's also about posting as many photos as you can to entertain and infuriate your audience in equal measure.

RV Studios for Huawei
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All of the major social networks -- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ -- have a strong focus on images, and you'd be doing yourself and your friends a gross injustice if you didn't have the right camera to do the job.

That's where the Huawei P8 comes in. The snapper on this smartphone is amazing, and you can enrich your social networking life by putting it to good use. The P8 comes equipped with the world's first four-colour RGBW imaging sensor, which means the creative shots you love sharing on Instagram and Pinterest will never look better. The DSLR-standard image signal processor ensures that shots are packed with detail and look as realistic as possible, while top-notch optical image stabilization means you don't have to worry about shaky hands when taking those adventurous pictures.


All of these features mean that shots taken within social network apps will look fantastic every time, but if you want even more creative control, you can use the P8's standard photo software and export the results directly to the social network of your choice. Thanks to the P8's Google Android operating system, sharing content between apps is a total breeze.

Using the standard photo app, you can add filters and choose shooting modes to produce the photo you want before you import it into the likes of Instagram and apply additional effects. For example, the P8 offers an entire suite of filters -- from black and white to sepia tone, and everything in between -- as well as other unique modes. You can capture late-night snaps thanks to the P8's excellent low-light shooting modes, such as Super Night, Light Graffiti and Car Light Trails. The latter two allow you to use light sources creatively for artistic impact. The Silky Water mode, for another example, makes amazing shapes out of moving objects like water. Such eye-catching creations are sure to meet a flood of "Likes" on whichever social portal you tend to favour.


Want to give your shots even more unique identity? The P8's Watermark mode allows you to overlay text -- such as your current location, the weather or a message -- before uploading it. This isn't something that is offered by most social networks, and it could prove a boon if you're keen to add some more information to your social snapping.

As well as the powerful, 13-megapixel camera, the P8 has a front-facing 8 megapixel sensor, which means selfies look just as striking and impressive. All those lovely megapixels means that crowded group selfies are also on the menu; you're not limited to showing off just your own face with the P8.


Of course, a big part of social photo sharing is the energy, effort, and artistic talent you put into the image yourself, but it certainly helps to have the right tools at your disposal. The Huawei P8 comes packed with the very best.

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