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How to run a start-up using your smartphone

Running a start-up business is one of the most rewarding endeavors you can undertake, but it's not without its fair share of trials and tribulations. Thankfully, our trusty smartphones have become precious, pocket-sized powerhouses able to make the task that little bit easier.

They offer connectivity and functionality that means even when we're out of the office, we're still able to react and respond to anything that might happen - essential in the fast-moving world of modern business.


With the Huawei P8 in your pocket, you've got a mobile office in the palm of your hand, and much more besides. It's got power where it counts thanks to its octa-core processor which allows you to seamlessly multi-task and run several different applications simultaneously, switching between them with the minimum of fuss. Want to edit a spreadsheet on the move or download and read a PDF document during your train journey? The P8 makes short work of these tasks and many more besides, allowing you to keep on working even when you're away from your keyboard. Having such capability on tap might suggest that the phone's battery life suffers, but the P8's Kirin 930 CPU is both powerful and energy efficient, while the 2680mAh battery has enough capacity to see you through the working day - even when you're on the road and away from a power socket.


Because it's using Google's world-leading Android operating system, the P8 benefits from full support for Google's indispensable range of office applications - such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides - all of which offer compatibility with Microsoft's popular suite of Office applications. This means you can open Word, Excel and Powerpoint files on your phone without having to install any additional software, and that roomy 5.2-inch screen means that even the densest and most detailed document is easy to read and edit.

Of course, all of this power and functionality counts for little if you're not connected, but thankfully the P8 has you covered here, too. 4G support offers network speeds comparable to that of your home connection, while the handset's dual antennas allow it to switch networks on the fly, meaning you get less dropped connections - vital when making those important business calls. The P8 is also available in a dual-SIM variant so you can run two networks simultaneously to ensure you're always connected, or you can have both your business and personal contracts running on a single phone. Working abroad? The the P8's ability to connect quickly and effortlessly while in roaming mode will be a godsend, allowing you to start making calls and browsing emails from the very moment your plane touches down.


When you're on the road you'll often take advantage of local Wi-Fi connections to ensure you're always getting the best possible speed, and the P8 is smart enough to automatically locate the best Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. The phone will even turn on your Wi-Fi when it detects a hotspot you've previously connected to, which means you save on data usage in the long run - and that means less expense for your business.


The P8 offers the perfect mixture of power, function and form - not only does it have the talent to turn your working day into a joy rather than a hard slog, it also looks the business as well, thanks to its super-thin machined metal chassis and edge-to-edge display. The stereotypical image of a businessman in a suit with his gigantic mobile phone fused to his ear is very much a thing of the past; with the P8, you'll be able run your start-up in style.

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