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How to make the most of Summer with the new Huawei P8

When the sun comes out and the temperature rises, you want to have a dependable technological companion at your side - and in the modern era, that inevitably means a decent smartphone.

Whether it's sharing photos and videos via social media, navigating your way to the party using Google Maps or avoiding the unpleasant sting of unwanted data charges during those sun-kissed foreign holidays, we're here to give you all the handy tips you need to make the most of the versatile Huawei P8 during those balmy Summer months.


A big part of Summer is capturing memories you can look back on for a lifetime, and the Huawei P8's 13 megapixel camera is perfect for that task. Not only does it capture detailed and vibrant images, it comes packed with a wide range of shooting modes to ensure you always get the image you want, no matter the circumstances.

After something a little special on those warm Summer nights? The P8's innovative "light painting" mode grants access to a whole host of eye-catching, low-light photo opportunities. You can perfectly capture a spectacular firework display on a cool summer's evening, or document that high-spirited fireside sing-along in a touching image you'll want to treasure forever. We all know it's important to grab these memories before they're gone forever, and the P8 is the perfect photographic device.


Want to condense a lot of activity into a single video? Use the P8's time-lapse mode and you'll have a unique visual record not only of a place, but the time you spent there as well. What we've got here is a smartphone camera with the kind of features you'd expect to find on a DSLR, as well as optical image stabilization which takes the pressure off you when you're lining up that memorable shot.

Of course, the summer is all about spending quality time with close friends and family, and to that end the Huawei P8 showcases a front-facing 8 megapixel camera for staging the perfect selfie. Toggle on the phone's "Beauty Mode" and you can rest easy that every close-up is perfect - the P8 learns your best angle and takes the effort out of shooting. If you're particularly snap-happy then you'll be pleased to learn that the P8 also offers the ability to expand the amount of storage space available with microSD cards, so running out of memory for those treasured memories needn't be a concern when you're out and about.

Images and video are great for saving memories, but you'll want to share them with others, too. The Huawei P8's excellent photographic talents will no doubt encourage you to take to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in order to share your stunningly-framed creations with the wider world; just try not to feel too smug when your amazing beach shots attract the admiration and envy of your mates.


The Summer months afford plenty of time to enjoy yourself and indulge in a spot of "me" time, and you'll be glad to have the P8 at your side during these precious moments of well-earned downtime. The phone's intelligent audio processor ensures that the Summer's best tunes sound amazing through your headphones, while the massive 5.2-inch Full HD display is perfect for watching movies and TV shows - either streamed over services like Netflix and Google Play or played directly onto your microSD card.


If you're looking to spend the Summer aboard then the Huawei P8's improved roaming technology means that you'll be contactable the moment you land, while the smart WiFi connection automatically links you up to the best hotspot in rang, saving you money on your mobile bill - international charges can be a real headache. To top it off, the P8 boasts a unique dual antenna setup which prevents dropped calls and will make those all-important conversations with friends and family at home hassle-free. Finally, the handset has impressive stamina, so you don't have to worry about running out of juice when you'd rather be kicking back, enjoying the sunshine and hanging with your friends.

Whatever you're planning on doing this summer, the Huawei P8 will help you make the most of your holiday - and its super-thin metal unibody ensures that it's not just providing power and connectivity; it's a great phone to be seen with, too. Just make sure the rest of your Summer outfit is as sharp, and you'll be laughing.

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