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How LG made its OLED TVs smarter

Equipped with the new Alpha 9 Intelligent processor, LG’s new OLED wallpaper TVs are sharper, richer and more vivid than ever.

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When it comes to high-end TVs, LG OLED TV has been the industry front runner for years. The proof is in the pudding:  In addition to wide critical acclaim, the South Korean tech giant has been producing the World's best selling OLED TVs since 2013*.

But that presents a difficult question to LG. How do you improve a formula that's already so successful? The new Signature W8 wallpaper TV range, available now in Singapore, is LG's answer.

Available in 65- and 77-inch models, the OLED TVs are all about smarts. One of its greatest assets is the new Alpha9 Intelligent processor, which provides a bevy of improvements to LG's already industry-leading OLED quality. Here are just a few:

  • A new quad-step noise reduction process that's vastly reduces grain and colour banding
  • Frequency-based sharpness enhancing means the TV knows what the object of an image is, and can subtly sharpen its edges to create a natural depth effect
  • Pixels can dim themselves in dark scenes, creating the elusive perfect black

The 2018 OLED TVs also support four different high dynamic range (HDR) formats: HDR 10 Pro, HLG, Technicolor's Advanced HDR and, most importantly, Dolby Vision. This is a game changer, since different HDR formats have different capabilities. And not only does Dolby Vision offer superior image quality to the standard HDR10, it's also gaining support from major companies like Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and, crucially, Netflix.

Complementing LG's astonishing picture quality is a Dolby Atmos sound system, which can simultaneously track 128 individual sound objects, delivering full 3D surround sound that makes the entire experience just like you are in cinema.

The new range is also kitted out with LG's ThinQ AI technology, making voice commands more streamlined than ever. Changing between apps, rising or lowering brightness, turning the TV on or off and changing basically any other TV setting is easier than pressing a button. Just say the word - literally.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the LG Signature W8 is that all this is crammed into a TV that's no thicker than four credit cards stacked atop each other. 

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*LG OLED TV has been the world's best selling OLED brand since 2013. Based on IHS Markit, Technology Group, TV sets Market tacker, Q4 2017. Racking is not an endorsement of LG. Any reliance on these results is at the third part's own risk. Visit technology.ihs for more details.