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GoPro HERO8 Black isn't just a new GoPro, it's a new era

It looks like a GoPro. It acts like a GoPro. But HERO8 Black is not just another new GoPro. Maybe you've owned a GoPro before, or maybe you haven't enjoyed the GoPro experience yet. Whatever your experience, HERO8 Black is the kind of device that will dial up your action video possibilities beyond any expectations.

GoPro has always set the high watermark for the action camera category, inspiring you to go hard and live your best life—with a powerful camera along for the ride to capture your adventures. And you get it all in crystal-clear quality and with the option of unlimited cloud storage for your GoPro content when you subscribe to GoPro PLUS. Whether you're shooting for later or streaming live, GoPro is ready for whatever you're up to.

Now that we've arrived at HERO8 Black, GoPro delivers a wealth of software upgrades and a subtle, but significant, hardware overhaul. Together, they simplify and elevate the way you can use your camera and make it easier than ever to set it up exactly the way you want to get epic content.

Core values. New powers.

It can be easy to skim past the key details that have always formed the heart of the GoPro experience. But it's important to remember that these cameras have always delivered industry-leading action camera performance. Now, it's beyond next level.

In HERO8 Black you'll find options for serious high-quality video—from super high frame rate HD to frame-perfect 4K. Lots of cameras can claim this, but the tech specs tell the bigger story–GoPro also delivers great resolution backed by high bit rates to give you final image quality that seriously pops onscreen.

It's also a photographic powerhouse capturing gorgeous stills, boosted by the SuperPhoto engine and its dynamic range to make every frame a winner. Add the LiveBurst system–which snaps lots of frames on either side of the moment you took your shot–and you'll end up with exactly the moment you were looking for even before you realised you wanted it.

So what's levelled up? GoPro has offered best-in-class stabilisation and time lapse modes for a long time–but this year they've become even more powerful.

The latest version of GoPro image stabilisation, HyperSmooth 2.0, now lets you adjust how smooth you want your footage to look. Want that natural motion feeling? Dial smoothing down a little. Chasing that perfect, silky-smooth flow through a bike trail or ski run? Just boost it. HyperSmooth 2.0 works across all video resolutions and frame rates, and even in slow motion. You'll never need to make trade-offs with your footage again.

HyperSmooth 2.0's time lapse buddy is TimeWarp 2.0. Instead of only having a start-to-finish time lapse, TimeWarp 2.0 can drop back to normal speed mid-capture before shifting back into the rest of your time lapse recording. Shoot that epic road trip time lapse knowing you can grab highlights along the way. TimeWarp 2.0 can even auto-adjust its speed depending on what's happening around you.

Building on TimeWarp 2.0, we also get Night Lapse. It's a gorgeous time-lapse mode designed for nightscapes, or to capture a stunning sunset or sunrise transition from day to night. All the light and image settings shift gears to ensure you're getting the best shot for the light in the scene.

All these features come together in one powerful camera that gives you incredible footage, and with less fuss than ever before. The GoPro HERO8 Black also has easy presets so you can just get on with shooting and let the camera sort out the details. You can even design your own presets to dive straight into a custom mode without any prep work.

Work that body.

While it's still distinctly GoPro, HERO8 Black has made some critical tweaks to the hardware to revolutionise the action camera—yet again.

The body itself now includes built-in mounting fingers that unleash the beast—no cage required to adapt to whatever you want to throw it at. The body has better microphones than ever to capture clean audio while further reducing wind noise, so you'll remember the feeling of the moment and not just the sound of rushing air.

Don't forget, this is a fully waterproof unit (down to 10 metres). And if things get a little too extreme, GoPro has one of the best support options in the industry—when you subscribe to their PLUS program, you get damaged camera replacements with a "no questions asked" policy (along with lots of other perks).

Mod squad goals.

Along with the body tweaks, there's also a whole new set of accessories designed just for HERO8 Black to take it all to another level. They're referred to as "mods," and these add-on units are designed to help specific types of users turn their HERO8 Black into exactly the kind of camera they need for their unique goals.

The backbone of the new mod system is Media Mod. This gives HERO8 Black a directional microphone upgrade, as well as a 3.5mm mic port to plug in any other microphone you love to use. Plus, you get two cold-shoe mounting slots and an HDMI output port so the whole package becomes a production powerhouse.

That's where the other new mods come in. One is Display Mod—an extra front-facing screen you can mount on top of your HERO8 Black. Display Mod flips up so you can see what you're doing in front of the camera to perfectly frame your selfies and vlogs.

The other is Light Mod, which adds a small but powerful LED light to your HERO8 Black, with adaptable brightness and up to six hours of battery life. With the two mounting points you can even have both the Light and Display Mods attached at the same time.

HERO8 Black is being widely recognised as a new era for action cameras, with those core function upgrades and the new mods accessory system making this latest model a fantastic buy for any video maker who loves to capture life on the move.