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From concept to Case(ology): How to protect your new iPhone with style

We sat down with pioneering smartphone casemaker Caseology to discuss innovations, copy-cats, sneak peeks and why their new iPhone cases look so damned sexy.

Caseology Tells (Almost) All About Keeping On Trend and Ahead of the Competition 

So you finally got your hands on the new iPhone. Now comes the fun part. Apps downloaded: check. Contact list integrated: check. Bells and whistles explored: perpetually in progress. Stylish armor to keep your considerable investment protected: Oh, where to begin? 

It seems that every new device on the market unleashes a surge of companion products. Some people can't imagine life without a state-of-the-art headset, while others just crave a little bling-bling. Whatever you and your smartphone are looking for, it's out there somewhere, thanks to the booming electronics accessories industry. 

The market for such extras is surprisingly competitive. One of the pioneering companies in the smartphone case business, Caseology, has stayed in the game by delivering top-of-the-line products that are on-trend and affordably priced. We sat down with Claire Cho, Caseology's Product Director, to discuss innovations, copy-cats, sneak peeks and why their new iPhone XiPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 cases look so damned sexy. 

Caseology Cases

Q: What does Caseology look for in its designers? 

Claire Cho: Caseology looks for designers who are innovative and passionate. Designers who understand the trends and the reality of the ever-changing e-commerce market. Designers who understand the trade and the company's vision. All of that is reflected in their thoughtful work. 

Q: The mobile phone case industry is very competitive. How do you ensure that your products stand out from the rest? How does a consumer know if they're buying a knockoff? 

CC: We ensure that our products stand out from the rest from the beginning of the design process to the moment the customer receives and uses the case. First off, when our designers sit down to craft the products, they keep in mind what the customer wants-whether that's simple protection or something that makes a statement. They take the whole customer experience into account, from unboxing the case and applying it to the phone, to being able to switch out styles with ease. 

Secondly, we use only the best materials. Durability and design go hand-in-hand. The end-user should expect details like a compatible screen protector, tactile buttons and cutouts that are big enough for any third-party accessory. They should expect a case that holds the phone securely and a design that will always be "in." 

As for knockoffs, the only way to ensure you're buying a genuine Caseology case is to purchase only through Amazon [iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8] or from our website []. If there's ever any question about a product's authenticity, simply contact our customer service representatives. They can verify it with an order confirmation number and/or tracking number. 

Q: Tell us about some of Caseology's innovations, both in form and function. 

CC: In terms of functionality, we ensure compatibility with any other third-party accessory and provide innovations like air cushioned corner protection from the inside. Our screen protectors are easy to apply, and are also universally compatible. They're among the top selling screen protectors on the market. 

As for form, we have figured out a way to reach our customers on a personal level. We curate our designs and colors and remain very open to trial and error. And we're committed to offering selections for every taste and mood. There are 11 iPhone XiPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 case collections alone. It all really boils back down to our designers. They "get it." 

Visit for more information about their products and a chance to win an iPhone X and Caseology case.* 

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