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Form & function: The Honor 8X has it all

CNET was lucky enough to be invited to a special preview event held by Honor for their new handset, the 8X. Come for the phone, stay for the art.

On some occasions we are forced to chose between form and function, but when it comes to the Honor 8X you can have both! With its beautiful minimalist design and incredible 6.3 inch display, the 8X has all the beauty and functionality you could want in a mobile device. At an exclusive preview event in New York City, we got hands-on with the 8X and also previewed artist Sei Smith's artworks. Art that was directly inspired by the Honor 8X's slick design. Check out the video below for all the details from the event.

You can check out more of CNET's coverage on the Honor 8X here or head over to Honor's website for more information.