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Dell XPS Creator Series: Tim Robards, Anna Heinrich on pursuing great fitness at home

It's one thing staying fit when you're spending more time at home. It's another to find a great way to deliver fitness inspiration to the rest of the world from your living room. But Tim Robards, creator of The Robards Method fitness program, and his wife Anna Heinrich have been getting the job done.

"The demand for fitness content at home is higher than ever so we've been creating content not just about fitness but helping people get stronger," says Robards as part of the XPS creator series.

The couple has been producing great workouts and exercise advice from their home in Australia and helping others to see how they can stay fit without leaving the house.

"That's been a great challenge," Robards says. "To create more content based in the home."

Delivering great content from the home doesn't mean skimping on quality, and Tim and Anna have been using great lighting and 4K cameras to produce first class fitness instruction all along the way. That means you need a PC that can handle editing high-resolution content without taking forever to output the finished product.

The new Dell XPS 15 is built on the latest 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processors to handle whatever you want to throw at it, and the 15-inch screen can be ordered with a 4K display so you can see every pixel you're working on when you're handling UHD content.

"When you just want to get 4K edited quick and get it up, it's important you've got that processing power to get the job done," says Robards.

The screen packs in 500-nits of brightness, an impressive 1650:1 contrast ratio, plus offers excellent colour accuracy (100% Adobe RGB and 94% DCI-P3) to further ensure you're seeing exactly what your audience is going to see once you share your work with the world.

With USB-C 3.1 ports and Thunderbolt 3, it's as fast as it gets for transferring 4K video footage into and out of your laptop for editing, and you can plug in an external monitor via DisplayPort if you really want to see the big picture.

"What I love about this laptop is the mobility. It is so easy to take to the cafe," says Heinrich. "I sometimes take it to my Mum's house and do some editing while she's cooking dinner!"

"We don't always get it right so to collaborate with our team and send videos to them quickly is great," says Robards.

This is part of our Dell XPS Creator Series campaign. You can check out more on photography, food, fashion and music here.