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Dell XPS Creator Series: Stan Walker on going back to basics making music at home

It's fascinating to hear Stan Walker talk about going "back to the beginning". An accomplished award-winning artist with a decade of life in music studios across the world, that idea of getting back to the roots of playing and singing at home is one that brings his work back into a space that many can relate to.

"Everybody has a home studio now," says Walker as part of the XPS creator series. "You don't need a big flash studio. You can make a whole album from your laptop."

While spending more time at his home in New Zealand, Walker has been connecting with artists around the world – America, Australia, London – through his laptop to explore ideas and write new songs together.

"It's a first for me, I've never done this before," says Walker. "I'm used to going to a studio and having everyone else do the technical job. It's the first time I've used a laptop recording myself but I've recorded my first song in ProTools with artists from around Aotearoa for charity and we got a number one single!"

Using the new Dell XPS 15, it's easy to start creating without needing an entire studio to get good results. All that collaboration is easier thanks to a new webcam that, while smaller than ever before at just 2.25mm in size to fit into the Infinity Edge screen, has a new 4 element lens that delivers a sharper lens without as much of the visual noise you might know from other webcams you've seen in recent months.

If you get the 4K monitor option you can fit a lot of those ProTools tracks on screen at once, and the Thunderbolt 3 ports mean you can plug in any of thousands of audio peripherals to bring any instrument you like into your recording environment without leaving the laptop.

The Dell XPS 15 also features a 3D audio technology, Waves Nx 3D Audio, tuned by Grammy Award winning producer Jack Joseph Puig, so you can listen back to your creations with amazing clarity.

And with its lightweight, slim and ultraportable form factor you can sit down and just go for it anywhere you like, with an amazing battery life of up to a full 24 hours to let you perform at your best without worrying if the Dell XPS laptop will last as long as you can.

This is part of our Dell XPS Creator Series campaign. You can check out more on photography, fitness, fashion and food here.