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CordZero Stick Vacuums Put LG Technology to Work for You

With an automatic emptying system, built-in mop, and seamless dual-battery charging, LG's CordZero series elevates your cleaning by eliminating everything you hate about vacuuming.

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What if you could vacuum your entire home without recharging a battery, tripping over the cord a single time, and spare yourself the frustration that comes when, as you're almost finished, you accidentally spill dust all over when emptying the bag?

Enter the CordZero series, all-in-one cordless stick vacuums that harness LG technology to elevate your routine. Whether you're a single adult in a one-bedroom condo or a messy family in a multi-story home, there's a CordZero vacuum that fits your lifestyle. 

Don't worry about the dirty work

Emptying the dust chamber can be one of the most frustrating steps of vacuuming, awkward and messy no matter how careful you are. The CordZero makes the pain disappear–literally. As you vacuum, the Kompressor technology presses down the dust and dirt that's been sucked up to increase the capacity of the bin. When you've finished vacuuming and dock the stick in the tower, the Auto Empty feature automatically dumps the dust bin into a bag hidden in the docking tower. No dust in the air. No dust on your hands. Finally, you get to vacuum without cleaning up after the cleaning process.

Say goodbye to your mop

No one loves constantly swapping attachments mid-vacuum for different floor surfaces. The Dual Floor Max Nozzle, available on CordZero's A931KWM and A949KTMS models, combines a soft roller and carpet agitator. That means you can keep carpets and hard floors fresh without stopping to struggle with attachments between rooms. Those models also have built-in LED lights to help you see dark corners and under furniture.

The Power Mop Pro, available only on the A949KTMS model, eliminates the need for a stick mop in your household. The chances are high that a stick mop will be sopping wet when it's time to be stowed away, and we've all knocked over a bucket of semi-dirty water when our floors are sparkling. The Power Mop Pro's convenient spray button dispels a floor-safe, refillable detergent. Washable mop pads mean you don't accumulate gunk and grime from repeated use.

LG CordZero Stick Vacuum

Breath easy about your mess

Whatever gets sucked up into these vacuums isn't leaving until you take out the bag. The CordZero's 5-step filtration system separates dirt in the bin and filters out finer dust. The Smart Inverter Motor uses strong suction to prevent debris particles from escaping into the air. It's a system that's friendly to those of us who like to clean our homes without compromising on air quality. The A937KGMS model is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

It's still going

Stick vacuums eliminate the classic headache of cords that tangle underfoot or get ripped out of the power outlet when you move around the corner. But dead batteries and constant recharging can be annoying, too. The CordZero puts an end to that with a dual-battery system that keeps the cleaning process humming along uninterrupted. One quick-release battery charges on the tower while the other powers the vacuum for over two hours with the A937KGMS or over three hours with the A949KTMS. With that kind of battery life, you can cover the whole house and hit the car as well.

LG CordZero Stick Vacuum

Tech-driven performance

A CordZero stick vacuum elevates your cleaning by getting rid of everything you hate about vacuuming, especially the time and the mess. It packages everything into a sleek appliance whose sides swing out for additional storage. And it comes with more tech that does the thinking for you. With LG's ThinQ app, you can see your cleaning history and battery life and quickly troubleshoot problems.

Elevate your cleaning experience

You have to do it, so it's time to stop dreading it. LG's CordZero stick vacuums, do the work for you and free you to do what you actually enjoy–in a spotless home. Elevate your vacuuming experience today with a CordZero model that's perfect for your cleaning needs and your budget.