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CNET Adventures with Honor - The Honor Play

CNET loves an adventure! We partnered with Honor and got our hands on some of their latest devices. Watch us delve into their best features and put the devices to the test. In this video we check out the Honor Play.

From making some wild new friends at Featherdale Wildlife Park to hitting the gaming arcade, in this video, our CNET Editor Ko, along with Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad, put the Honor Play through its paces to show why it is the mobile device for both the casual and hardcore gamer.

The recent launch of the Honor Play introduced us to one of the world's most powerful gaming phones and showed us that mobile devices are becoming just as powerful as our gaming consoles. 

The Honor Play incorporates the GPU Turbo which increases device performance by up to 60% while lowering battery consumption by 30%. This is great news for gamers, as the Honor Play can run the most graphically demanding games with smoother frame rates while allowing you to play for longer.  Add to this the 4D Gaming Experience with Smart Shock and 3D sound technology, and the Honor Play truly lives up to its tagline of crazy fast, crazy smart.

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