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An AI Future for a better life with LG CLOi Robots and LG ThinQ

Think using robots in your everyday life is a dream of the future? The future is closer than you may think.

For decades, people have claimed that robots are the future. While many companies are full of talk, LG is currently revolutionizing the robotics industry with their line of LG CLOi robots. The line incorporates LG's AI technology to make robots feasible for the everyday family as well as thriving businesses. Here's a look at their current technology and how it may evolve in the future.

Meet the terribly cute LG CLOi Home

The LG CLOi Home looks a lot like a children's learning toy. It has a super adorable face with big, blue eyes and it's about the size of a small dog. But don't let its looks deceive you -this little bot means business. 

The LG CLOi Home acts as a hub to connect to other LG ThinQ appliances in the home and uses voice recognition technology to complete household tasks. Here are just a few things it can and will be able to do: 

  • Turn on the air conditioner
  • Change a dryer cycle 
  • Help you decide what to cook for dinner based on what's in your fridge 
  • Preheat the oven 
  • Show you recipes on its interactive display 
  • Play music Set alarms
  • Create reminders 
  • Give traffic updates 
  • Tell you the local weather 

It's also more robust than your traditional home smart hub. Like the robots in sci-fi movies, the LG CLOi Home can interact with the entire family in a variety of different ways. It can express a wide range of emotions through facial expressions displayed on its screen, and it's designed to respond to your voice commands using gestures such as nodding its head when answering simple questions.  

AI technology enables the family bot to grow and adapt over time; in the future, LG CLOi Home will be able to distinguish different family members' faces with its camera and be programmed with a different greeting for each individual. "LG CLOi robots and LG ThinQ products have the capability to learn and evolve the more they are used, adapting to user habits," says LG. "This will enable them to deliver a more immersive experience for customers. By integrating this ability into a diverse portfolio of everyday appliances, it offers a seamlessly connected experience for the user. In addition, open partnerships and collaborations allow LG CLOi and LG ThinQ to offer enhanced convenience and the best possible AI solutions for diverse preferences."

LG CLOi Bots are designed to help you outside of home, too

In addition to the Home Robot, LG has developed a line of robots that can make life outside of the home more convenient, too. Think of it as a line of Rosie bots, straight from that popular sci-fi cartoon of your childhood. 

For example, the LG CLOi PorterBot is designed to deliver luggage to guests' rooms at hotels. The idea is that this bot will minimize the inconvenience that may result from slow service and long wait times during a hotel stay. The Porter Robot can also handle express check-in and check-out service and take care of payments, allowing busy guests to settle their bill and have their luggage delivered to a waiting car in a fraction of the time. 

Another robot in the new line is the LG CLOi ServeBot. The Serving Robot works around the clock, and is designed to deliver meals and drinks to guests at hotels and airport lounges. The bot's built-in serving tray presents the food to the customer for easy removal, and once the delivery is confirmed the it navigates its way back to home base on its own. 

And if you find yourself lost in an airport in the near future, you may meet the LG CLOi GuideBot. This bot is an intelligent information assistant for travelers, answering questions in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. With a simple scan of a passenger's ticket, the robot can provide detailed information about a flight, including boarding time, gate location, and even the weather at the destination city. The Airport Guide Robot is in use right now in Korea's Incheon International Airport. 

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