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5 smart ways to optimize your DIY home security system

These tips and best practices can make all the difference in the performance of your home security tech.

When it comes to home security, peace of mind doesn't have to cost a fortune. A DIY security system gives you the flexibility to choose only the hardware and services you need, with equipment that's reliable, simple to install, and easy on your budget.

Here are 5 ways you can optimize your DIY security system, to help ensure you get the most effective, smart security coverage for your home.


1. Place Cameras Strategically

According to the 2012 FBI Crime Report, the following are the top 3 most-targeted entry points for burglars. Position cameras so that they have a clear view of each location:

  • Front door
  • Back door and side door
  • Off-street windows (windows not facing the street)

Place your cameras out of arm's reach whenever possible to prevent burglars from knocking down the cameras. If you have a 2-story house, for example, position your front-door camera at the second-floor level. Also, be mindful of items in the vicinity of the cameras. Don't make it easy for a burglar to pick up a nearby object and hurl it at the camera.

2. Provide Sufficient Lighting for Night-Time Monitoring

Wherever you place your home-security cameras, make sure there is adequate lighting for them to capture clear footage in the dark. Many modern home security cameras come equipped with night-vision technology so that they can capture nefarious activity in darkness.

Night-vision clarity varies based on the camera's infrared sensors, image resolution, and field of view. Arlo Pro 2 security camera, for instance, produces an excellent night-vision picture with its 1080p HD resolution and 130-degree wide-angle field of view.


3. Take Advantage of the Mobile App

The majority of today's home security systems run via a mobile app. With a tap or swipe, you can check on the status of your house, receive notifications, and view camera feeds from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Features such as smart scheduling enable you to personalize security camera settings to your needs and preferences via the mobile app. Say you want the Arlo Pro 2 camera to detect motion in your kitchen only between 8 and 9 am Monday through Friday, or automatically illuminate the pathway to your front door when your car pulls up in the driveway.

Many cameras are motion sensitive and can send real-time alerts right to your phone when movement or sound are detected.


4. Leverage AI Integration

Like technology everywhere, home security systems are being enriched and made smarter with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). AI ratchets up the capabilities of security cameras and other surveillance equipment, providing you with a more personalized and purposeful security experience.

Using Arlo Smart cloud-based software with advanced AI technology, the Arlo Pro 2 security camera can be set to alert when it detects a person only. The camera will filter out notifications from everyday movement, such as swaying tree branches and barking dogs. So, you get only the alerts that matter to you, with significantly fewer false notifications.

AI integration also enables richer, better-informed notifications from your home security system when movement or sound are detected. With a tap on your smartphone screen, you can get an image of what caused the motion, watch your camera's live stream, turn on the 100-plus decibel security siren, notify a friend, or contact a local dispatcher to get emergency responders to your home right away.


5. Trim Back Those Bushes

In the high-tech world of home security, here's a low-tech tip that will help keep your home a little safer. Trim back bushes, shrubs, and trees near entry points (doors, windows, garages). These are favorite places for burglars to hide and provide excellent cover for them as they prowl the perimeter of your house. Overgrown foliage is also a sign to burglars that you might not be at home much.

Be smart as you build out your DIY home security system, and make the most of the intelligent features and functionality that will bring you greater peace of mind.

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