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4 ways smart lighting can transform your home

Smart lighting has the power to help you save, create a mood, and provide a measure of personal and home security.

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More than furniture or a few well-placed pieces of art, lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming a living space. It has the power to create ambiance, impact a mood, and provide a measure of personal and home security.

Smart lighting devices take this power to transform to new levels, allowing users to control nearly every aspect of their home's lighting, from creating an array of atmospheres to integrating with other smart devices to unleash a fully connected, intelligent smart home.

Residential smart lighting solutions range from individual smart light bulbs and programmable smart timers to complex home automation systems.

Aside from uber-techie homeowners who aim to squeeze all the technology they can get out of their connected abode, most people look to integrate controls for energy savings, extra security, added convenience, and improved ambiance within the home.

Simple Energy Savings

The right lighting controls can help lower monthly energy bills by creating lighting schedules that match everyday living habits. For example, homeowners may want to schedule outdoor lights to turn on in the early evening and off around the time they go to sleep.   

Solutions like the Ascend Smart 7-Day In-Wall Programmable Timer by Intermatic make setting up these types of programs throughout the home a walk in the park. From the start, homeowners can choose from three schedule templates and quickly customize them to meet their unique needs.

Similarly, Astronomic functionality makes keeping up with shifts in daylight throughout the year a breeze. With this feature enabled, Ascend determines each day's sunrise and sunset times based on geographic location. For example, a homeowner in Anchorage, Alaska—which experiences wide variation in sunrise times —only has to set the timer once to create the perfect schedule.


Added security at your fingertips

With smart lighting solutions like Ascend in place, homeowners never have to enter a dark house, unload their groceries in a dimly-lit driveway, or risk tripping over the cat on their way to the porch. It's this type of peace of mind and convenience that simple light switches just can't provide.

Ascend allows individuals to create recurring, weekly schedules while also providing on-demand control with any smartphone or tablet. Whether it's after a long night at the office or on the way back from an early morning stroll, the Ascend Smart mobile app makes it easy for users to turn on any connected light with the swipe of a finger.

Beyond this, Ascend's Random Mode is a simple yet effective way to deter suspicious activity around the home. The built-in feature turns lights connected to an Ascend unit on and off at intervals that are +/- 15 minutes the original programmed schedule, making it appear that their house is occupied when on vacation or away for an extended period.

Another security benefit of Ascend is that homeowners don't need to turn over their Wi-Fi credentials to installers during initial setup; all programming and account setup can be done independently of a Wi-Fi connection.

Around-the-clock convenience

Convenience is one of the most alluring aspects of smart lighting solutions. From practically anywhere in the world, Ascend Smart allows homeowners to turn their lights on and off via their smartphone or tablet. Equally satisfying is the ability for users to turn their lights on and off from the comfort of their couch.

By the same token, homeowners can control the lighting throughout their home with voice-activated commands. The Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer integrates with Amazon Alexa, making turning off the lights as simple as saying, "Alexa, turn off front porch lights."

A special ambiance at home

Though it might not be as obvious as a new couch or color scheme, lighting makes a powerful contribution to a home's atmosphere, and smart lighting gives us more control over our environment than ever before.

Whether you're getting ready to seize the day, working in your home office, eating dinner with your family, or enjoying a romantic evening with your partner, smart lighting can help you set just the right mood. Thanks to the next-generation smart home devices like the Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer, this is easier than ever before.

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