Essential advice on safely downloading an APK

A new way to access your favourite apps outside the Google Play Store.
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An Android package kit, better known simply as an APK is a downloadable archive file that contains the essential components to install an Android application.

Ordinarily, an Android user can download an app from Google Play, and the application will be automatically installed on their phone immediately.

However, in instances where Google Play doesn't work an APK enables app installation to an Android device. For example, downloading an app is sometimes restricted in some countries or the need exists to use the app on a PC with the support of Android emulator software. Alternatively, Google Play may just not work.

Demand for convenience

With Android device use increasing around the globe, so too will the demand from users to access and install apps conveniently to their phones, emulators, cars or TVs.

While Google Play is the most straightforward and safest way to acquire apps for an Android phone, a weak internet connection or access error to Google Play can impede a user's access to their desired app. This is where manually installing an APK comes in useful.

An APK file is the installation package of an app that developers upload to the Google Play Store, from which Android users can download the app to their devices without any cost.

Downloading an APK file also allows a user to install their chosen apps at any time they want because the file is always on the download folder of their phone.

Once the app is downloaded, the APK file for those apps currently installed does not need to be kept. To save space after installing an app, the user will receive a notification to remove the app's APK file by tapping CLEAN.

Easy and secure to download

Downloading an APK from a source other than Google Play is easy. To do this, a user will need to enable "unknown sources" from the privacy settings to allow their phone to access app sources that are not from Google Play. Understandably, there are some privacy and security concerns that a user should heed when downloading an APK from a website.

By allowing app installation from sources other than Google Play, a user potentially compromises the security of their device. Because phones can be attacked by hackers, who may install viruses and malware on devices if an APK has downloaded from a harmful website, choosing a trusted, reliable source is essential.

Not all websites specialising in APK downloads are harmful and one excellent source is - a free dedicated APK file provider for Android apps and games across all categories, offering the same APKs as those found in the Google Play Store. The Apktovi team ensures their website always provides users with free antivirus APK for various apps, and faster APK downloads compared to other websites. 

Peace of mind

The website provides original and pure APK files for Android and PCs across millions of apps and games. The site is carefully monitored, and the website only shares 100 per cent safe and virus-free APK files for Android.

The team also provides visitors to their site with a signature verification tool that helps users check the signature to make sure the APK has not been modified. This helps users avoid another common problem which occurs when the APK file for app installation is taken from an unknown source – they can be corrupted and infected with malicious code.  

And finally, the ApkTovi app can be downloaded almost instantly just like any app found on the Google Play Store. What makes this exciting is the Opaque Binary Blob (OBB) files which store all a game's memory are part of the download thus negating the need to extract an OBB file separately. It's all very convenient and ensures users enjoy a seamless app installation process from a trusted website.

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