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Zyxel media adapter uses HomePlug AV

Zyxel announces the DMA1100P digital media adapter, which can stream HD video using HomePlug AV Powerline technology.

The Zyxel DMA1100P digital media adapter

There are many devices that aim to let you share the multimedia content stuck on your PC with that large HDTV in your living room. Zyxel's DMA1100P digital media adapter is the only such device, however, that uses HomePlug AV Powerline technology to do so. (Netgear's Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter isn't certified as a HomePlug AV device, but it promises the same 200Mbps theoretical throughput as the Zyxel DMA1100.)

Still, for those looking to stream HD video and music and can't do it wirelessly--perhaps your TV and your home theater are too far apart or you simply have an aversion to wireless networking)--Powerline networking is an easy and effective way to go. Zyxel claims the DMA1100P is a snap to set up and will automatically recognize and connect to DLNA-certified devices. And unlike Netgear's adapter, Zyxel's unit features an HDMI port. The DMA1100P will be available in February for $270.