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Zyxel intros true 450Mbps dual-band router

Zyxel announces the NBG5715, its first true dual-band router that offers the higher 450Mbps speed on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the same time.

The 450Mbps dual-band NBG5715 router from Zyxel
The 450Mbps dual-band NBG5715 router from Zyxel Zyxel

Zyxel announced today the NBG5715, its first router that offers the higher 450Mbps ceiling throughput speed on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the same time. This is the second router to offer this concurrent high-speed feature, the first being the TEW-692GR from Trendnet.

The new 450Mbps standard is also known as the 3 by 3, in which the router broadcasts the signal in three spatial streams at a time, as opposed to the dual stream of most existing 300Mbps routers. While 3 by 3 Wi-Fi is not new, most other routers that support it, such as the Linksys E4200 and the Netgear N750, offer the technology only on the 5GHz band, leaving the 2.4GHz in the regular 300Mbps standard.

Zyxel says that, in addition to the higher speed, the NBG5715 also features two USB ports to accommodate sharing both a printer and a storage device over the network. The new router is equipped with Zyxel's SmartRange technology, which the company says pinpoints wireless clients like laptops and tablets and transmits directly to them and helps extend the range and enhance signal penetration. For the wired network, it has four Gigabit Ethernet ports.

According to Zyxel, the NBG5715 also has top security features, five VPN tunnels for home office users, and an intuitive Web interface that makes it easier to navigate through the router's advanced features.

Zyxel's NBG5715 is available now and is slated to cost $250. Expect the street price to be lower, however.