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Zynga coming to a board game near you, courtesy of Hasbro

Zynga strikes a partnership with Hasbro, paving the way for toys and games based on titles such as 'Empires & Allies' and 'FarmVille.'


Zynga will allow the toymaker Hasbro to create games and toys based on its online properties, the two companies said.

While no products have yet been confirmed, the deal will produce real world products based on online games like "FarmVille."

Zynga is no stranger to partnerships, having produced branded versions of its games on a number of occasions. Last spring, it paired with Lady Gaga for the launch of GagaVille, a FarmVille environment inspired by Gaga's stylings.

For the time being, it looks like the relationship will be limited to Hasbro producing Zynga inspired games, but it could be a sign of things to come. If the initial collaborations this fall are successful, it's not hard to think that Zynga could find itself with the rights to produce its brand of gaming based on storied Hasbro franchises out there. Brands like Transformers, NERF, G.I. Joe, Playskool, Magic: The Gathering, Monopoly and, of course, My Little Pony, could all potentially be in the mix.

Who knows whether or not Zynga-produced Hasbro games will ever come to pass. Having found success with complicated fare such as Empires & Allies, though, it'd be fun to see what Zynga could do with a game based on Transformers or G.I. Joe.