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ZYB: Never lose your mobile phone contacts again

Have you ever found yourself crying over a stolen mobile phone, not because of the phone but because of the numbers on it? Well dry your eyes, ZYB's here to help

If you haven't heard of ZYB, and you value the contacts list on your mobile more than life itself, then keep reading. We're sure that at some point in time you have lost some or all of your mobile phone contacts through theft or loss of your handset, or accidental deletion.

Losing contacts can leave you grief-stricken -- some of them are bound to be irreplaceable. You know, the ones that you never call but might do some day, the boy or girl you met at a bar last night or the business contact you met in Japan while on holiday.

But imagine if you could send your contacts wirelessly to a safe place and then get them back whenever you wanted, without too much hassle.

ZYB offers exactly that service, and before you say 'but I can do this with a SIM card reader', let Crave explain how this service differs. By uploading your contacts list to ZYB, you can access them from your phone or a different phone, wherever you are, wirelessly -- that's right, no annoying cables.

You don't need to connect your phone to a computer or take you SIM card out, you just need to synchronise your phone over-the-air with ZYB and voila, your contacts are sent straight back to you. Best of all the service is completely free.

Of course there is a small catch, which is that you have to register for the service first online and only certain phones are compatible, but ZYB supports a lot of phones.

A phone may be just for Christmas, but contacts are for life. -AL