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Zvox 325 single-speaker audio system now available

Zvox 325 single-speaker audio system now available

Zvox Audio has announced the immediate availability of the Zvox 325. The 325 is an update of the Zvox 315, one of our favorite cheap and easy virtual-surround speakers. Essentially, the 325 adds the improved styling and front-panel controls found on the Zvox Mini while offering a larger size and the greater sonic power of the 315. Like previous Zvox models, the 325 offers a surroundlike effect by letting you adjust the PhaseCue knob to widen the soundstage to your liking. Furthermore, the 325 offers single-cable plug-and-play hookup to just about any home or portable audio product with a standard headphone jack or audio output.

The Zvox 325 is available in silver or black for $350--a big step up from the $200 price of the 315 and the Mini.