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Zune user-elect Obama

A reporter in Philadelphia spots Obama using a Zune. Why not an iPod?

I've remained steadfastly neutral on this whole iPod versus Zune thing. I use an iPhone, so it's easy for me to sit out, but before I got my iPhone, I had both a Zune and an iPod. I liked both quite a bit and still do. They both offer something the other doesn't. I won't go into details, as we've already done that today, but you should know something about your next president: He uses a Zune, at least according to reporter.

According to Clog, the blog of Philadelphia's City Paper weekly, a writer was in a gym working out when the president-elect came in for his morning work out. And the president-elect, it seems, pulled out a Zune and listened to it while reading USA Today. And yes, that writer says he's sure of what he saw. (To be fair, Obama's also been known to carry an iPod).

But still, I'm not sure how I feel about this. My first thoughts are that I'm glad we've got a tech-minded president-elect. He's one of us in that regard. But my second thoughts are, of course, why a Zune? I like the Zune. I have a Zune. I have many, many friends who work on the Zune team. I'm not saying it's a bad choice, I'm saying it's an interesting one. I wish I could ask the man himself.

Update at 6:02 p.m.: Debate over this highly controversial issue continues. Thursday, The Wall Street Journal cited an Obama spokesman who claims the Philadelphia reporter was wrong and that the president-elect, in fact, uses an iPod.