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Zune gets a Jobs-esque price cut

Online retailer Woot.com offers Microsoft's digital music player for $129, but "apologizes" to buyers who paid a higher price a month ago, offering them a $10 coupon.

Deal-a-day Web site Woot.com is offering Microsoft's Zune player for $129, just a month after it offered the same Zune for $20 more.


Having learned a thing from Apple's iPhone mess, the folks at Woot are taking no chances (or rather, seizing a chance to poke great fun at the turtlenecked one), the company is reaching out to those who paid the higher price.

The site posted an "emergency open letter" and is offering a coupon to all those who bought the Zune last month for $149.

"Being in technology for 1+years, give or take a year, I can attest to the fact that the technology road is bumpy," Woot "CYA Officer" Larry Stalin said in the faux-pology. "There is always some idiot changing lanes without signaling, and the potholes never seem to get fixed. If you always wait for the next price cut or to buy the new improved model, you'll never buy any technology product. I mean, why should you? Truth is, you don't really need any of this junk. We're afraid you'll catch on to that fact and overpaid frauds like me will have to go back into fields like telemarketing and burrito construction."

Customers who bought the Zune the last time around can get $10 off their next $40 purchase.

"We want to convincingly pretend to do the right thing for our valued Zune customers," the site said. "We'd apologize for disappointing some of you, but we long ago lost the capacity for sincere remorse. We will continue to do our best to trick you into having high expectations of Woot."

The company highlighted its rationale behind the price cut.

"It benefits both Woot and every Zune user (but especially Woot) to drag as many new victims as possible into the Zune 'dungeon,'" it said. "We strongly believe that misery loves company this holiday season."

It's a brilliant read, slamming both Microsoft and Jobs, while at the same time probably racking up more than a few sales.