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Zune fondled by gaming blogger

Hands-on experience with the Zune

The Zune won't be available until November 14, but that's not stopping certain lucky individuals from getting some one-on-one action with the highly anticipated Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player from Microsoft.

Given a demo of the unit on Microsoft's campus, 2old2play's sunburned_Goose was impressed by its form factor, stating, "It is not as light as the latest video iPod, but compared to my fourth-generation iPod, the Zune was lighter." He goes on to say that he was so intrigued by the rubberized exterior that he found himself "unable to stop stroking the device." Whatever makes you happy, dude.

An overall captivated Goose goes on to compliment the "responsive" interface and describes the cool twist navigation that is found on Portable Media Center devices. Video and photo slide-show playback is described as "fluid" while the wireless DRM-coating music transfer worked fairly quickly with the added benefit of being able to transfer whole playlists.

We'll give you our own take as soon as we get our hands on the finished product.