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Zune Facebook app update: It works now

A day after its fumbled release, the Facebook app for Zune HD is now fully functional.

Photo of Facebook app on Microsoft Zune HD.
Donald Bell/CNET

Microsoft's long-awaited Facebook app for the Zune HD may not have waited long enough. After rolling out late Monday night, users immediately reported problems with the app's capability to pull down content, as well as a slow performance in general. The Zune team quickly acknowledged the problem and promised to investigate the issues.

Well, I'm happy to report that the issues have apparently been resolved, and it seems the problems weren't entirely Microsoft's fault.

A Microsoft spokesperson emailed CNET the following statement:

"Yesterday evening, the Microsoft and Facebook engineering teams worked together to fix an issue Zune HD users were experiencing with the recently released Facebook application for Zune HD. Users should now be able to access the full functionality of the Facebook application for Zune HD."

The smoking gun in this case is the fact that the app has been fixed without requiring a software update. Still, regardless of who's to blame for the botched app launch, the responsibility to thoroughly test a Zune HD app before making it public squarely falls on Microsoft's shoulders.

For Microsoft's sake, let's hope they get this whole app process nailed down before the launch of Windows Phone 7 Series.