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Zune club opens in L.A.

Microsoft is opening a Zune-themed club for private corporate-sponsored events in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Microsoft has signed a three-year lease for a former photographer's studio near Beverly Hills, and has opened a Zune-themed space there.

It sounds like it's more of a gathering place for corporate events than a nightclub, but I could imagine it evolving into something like the House of Blues' Foundation Room--an exclusive venue for members or invited guests, with regularly scheduled entertainment. No, the Zune certainly doesn't have the cachet of House of Blues, but Microsoft has been hosting Zune-sponsored concerts since the product launched in 2006, and its Ignition program promotes musical artists across Zune and other Microsoft properties. In other words, think of this as part of a five-year plan to build a second consumer brand around music, just as Xbox is now an accepted consumer brand in gaming.

Seattle seems to be the next logical place for one of these venues--I wonder if the EMP might have some space?